Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fatty Fatty McButter Pants!

HI everyone,
  I am still around, and learning how to juggle my busy life! And having said that, the part I'm still learning about is eating on the run.  Dag-nab-it!  I have even stayed off my scale. BUTT...Staying off the scale has not worked. I have eaten like I don't have a weight problem.  You know...like some of those people that can eat an entire elephant and still only weigh 85 pounds. LOL  SO, I have gained back the 5.4 I lost, and then some.  I have eaten McDonalds, which is why I am McButter pants now!  And I am trying to find my "weigh" back to eating the plan like I was before.  HOWEVER......I am not discouraged!!  After all it has taken me a millennium to get this fat and it might take that much to get it off!!  Right?? Hmmmm :D  LOL

Ok so here is the scoop...Ahhhh crap I said scoop and that reminds I ate ice cream too! Seeeeeeeeee how hard this is?? :D  Ok I'll try again...here's the poop...(that's better) I will be at weight watchers lurking in the back so no one can see my McButter BUTT...hehe No I'm kidding, I will see ya all on Thursday!!

When all is said and done, I have to say Those McDonald McMuffins were DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! lol


MommaSaid said...

Ah, the McD! There are only two things I'll allow myself to eat there -- the Classic chicken sandwich grilled, no mayo AND the Southwest salad, no dressing. I find I don't need the dressing for all the other flavors in the salad. Last I knew, both were six points and filling lunches.

julielopez3 said...

Damn that McDonald's... they got me with the hot fudge sundaes last week. This week I have managed to stay out of there. You will get it off Quay. Who cares how long it takes as long as we are striving to be healthier.
See you Thursday.