Thursday, September 3, 2015

Soooo I'm Still Fat

What'da ya can't eat ice cream and stay thin. Not that I'm thin! But, in my other world I am a comfortable size 12-14. Lookin' good for 58 year old grandmother. 

But, hey....that's not where I'm at. I'm struggling... And believe it or not. I forget I'm trying to lose weight. Not for very long. Usually the first couple of bites wakes me up from my day dream of my youthful sexy-ville!  

OK, so what am I doing wrong?
1.Not stocking the kitchen with foods I can eat. 
2.Not reaching for that Apple.

OK Pity party over..on to positive party! Really Quay, positive party? How corny!  lol Alright enough gobble-de-goop...I just have to start tomorrow with a better plan. I'll remember to think my meals thru' before I eat a burger, or a quart of ice cream. :(

Thanks for listening to my rant!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

O' Happy Day

OMG! I am so pumped... I am now officially 257!! YAY me! I have really been keeping track of what it is I am eating and how much. I'm not weighing my food or eating anything special. just eating in moderation. I eat what I make for my family just less than what they eat. I guess I have already made myself clear on how I eat in previous posts. Butt I thought I would remind myself and those who are reading this for the first time.  :) I have to say weight loss is an up hill battle with sprinkles of smooth climbing. 

Now, what have I been eating you ask? Just to name a few things, I have eatin' roast beef, w/carrots, potatoes, gravy, corn on the cob, chicken, watermelon, cantaloupe, peanut butter, honey, bread to name a few. Just smaller portions. I figured if my BFF can stay thin eating what she eats. I can do the same. And she doesn't starve herself at all. 

So their you have it. A wonderful way to start the day. It makes me all the more motivated today to keep it up. OK THIN HERE I COME!! Here's a picture of my BFF, my scrapping buddy and laughing buddy. Patrice!

 Oh man I look terrible..hehehehe

Friday, August 21, 2015


What the heck? I am so mad at myself. I thought I was doing good. But I am up 4 pounds. So now I am 260. I would have been 261, but I lost a pound from last night. I feel the need to get on that scale everyday. I need to stop doing that.  I understand this is going to take some time. Butt, Butt my Butt is still big! lol  

Ok I'll stop beating myself up here. I'll keep telling myself slow and steady wins the race. Only this isn't a race. It's a life choice to change my ways. And eat smart not eat like I never will get that piece of cake, or piece of pie again. Some days it's so hard to keep that in my thoughts. and heart. I actually have thoughts of "what the heck, just be a fat grandma, who's going to care." What? Really? My grand kids and kids will care when I have an early death due to being an elephant grandma. hehe  SO, "YES" people care and people want me here. 

Alright I had me some of a very miniature watermelon. Their so cute. Their the size of a toy ball. I get them at Smith's for .99 cents each. What a bargain! Okay, I am going to get some things done in my room and then come back and post some of favorite low calorie, low fat recipes. They'll be under my recipe page. Until later all you fellow fatties...peace out!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Day of Failure

Sadness has struck here in my house. :( Nothing dangerous, just plain ol' over eating. Poo. :( I make my food to yummy. I guess it's dry dog food for now. The end...hehehe j/k 

None the less I feel like a total failure today. Here's my menu of what I had to eat today.  And you should know the amount was over the limit. (whatever that means) 
1. starting from breakfast- Oatmeal w/ canned milk, watermelon, a lot of it.
2. spaghetti w/meat sauce, buttered green beans
3. mini spooners w/milk (vitamin D)
4. a small corner (2") of chocolate cake that I look at I really didn't do so bad. And the amounts really weren't HUGE. I over did it with the melon. I was stuffed. Bla! A small plate with spaghetti on it with a small amount of meat sauce. I thought it was over the limit. I think the cake threw me. Sooooo Hell let's celebrate!! toot toot  :)

Now that I look at my day it has been good and enjoyable. Isn't it awful when we make one little decision to eat more or something we think we're not suppose to have. We beat ourselves up. I felt like I had failed. And actually thought awww forget it.  I can't do this. This is why I do this blog. To put my thoughts on paper (so to speak) Then it makes me look back over the day. And see what I have done. I could lie and make this blog rock...but I know that's dumb. What will I be gaining with a list of lies. NOTHING! I am 58 and would like to live long and happy. As well as move around like a regular person. It's hard for me to go up the stairs. Let alone walk around a mall or go shopping for any length of time.  Good grief!  hehe

Sooo Here starts my list of why I want to be thinner. 
1. be healthier
2. be prettier
3. be able to walk around
4. not sweat
5. possibly get rid of my diabetes
6. be able to climb a flight of stairs
7. take my grand kids swimming (this is a big one)

Just a start of things. I know I will add to it as the days and weeks go by. Butt, their ya have it. "Quay's list of thin wishes" SO tomorrow I will get on the scale and see what the damage is. And hopefully it's not to bad. Either way I will move forward to a smarter day tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by...

"pork is good just not on me!"

Me and 3 of my grand babies..I love these kids so much. They need a thinner grandma too. hehe

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More Weight Loss

So...I am one more pound down!  And I think I have hit my stopping spot. Now it's going to take real effort to lose my "chub". It has saddened me to know it is going to get hard so soon. :(  I would much rather continue on the downward path in weight loss tonnage I was on.  :) 

Butt, this is not about being skinny quick, fast and in a hurry. So, I will suck it up tomorrow and make it work. Portion control, eating slower, then no late night snack eating. It's a good thing I'm poor and can't buy a lot of snacks to eat, so that's a bonus. :) Butt wait, I know how to bake and cook, wonderfully I might add! hehe I could be tempted to bake me some goodies! Ya right.... I'm to old and tired to bake. So, I guess that solves that worry. 

One of my favorite things to eat is strawberry yogurt. Mmmm I could eat that everyday. In fact I have done that in the past. I am working on control this time around. So I am refraining from eating yogurt like a person drinks water. (I could so drink yogurt in place of water) hehe I only have yogurt with breakfast now. 

So, it is fair to say I am still struggling, but by no means ready to give up the fight. I know eventually I know I have to exercise. :( This I hate with a passion. Going through menopause right now makes for a very sweaty workout. :(  My daughter and I use to go to the gym and do water aerobics. But, she closed her account. And sadly I must do the same. So we're talking old fashioned exercise. Bla! hehe Butt, I am not giving up. I have a flight of stairs in my house I can utilize for an exercise regime. So, having said that...I'm still on the weight loss train headed for sexy-ville! lol Hang in their with me people the best is yet to come. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Yea I Lost Some Weight

Howdy all...or should I say good afternoon? :D Anyway I have good news! Yep I have lost some tonnage. hehe  Before I started back posting here I had been watching what I was eating...mostly here and there. I still made the mistakes. :(  But all in all I managed to lose eight pounds. Ahhhhhh!!! Awesome eh? I have stepped on the scale twice since my last entry and to my chagrin...I went from 265 to 259. Then days later I stood on the scale and whoa! Baby! I lost 2 more pounds. Eight pounds! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. Well, ok I can...

I am not even hungry. :D What a great week this started out to be. I am truly, going to keep this up. When I get down to the 240's I know I will have to start some sort of exercise. :( BUTT, it will make my BUTT a better looking one. hehe SO yippee and who-raw!!!  

My daughter has an elliptical machine. So I will probably head over there to use that from time to time. For now I am going to walk up and down my two flights of stairs. Start out slow and then go a little faster each time. Then go longer and then be a sexy mama...  :D just sayin'

 Here are a couple of pictures of me...don't mind the wrinkles!  :D I am going to be 59 in October so I suppose I should have some. hehe Anyway, these are for the before and then I will take some of up and coming. 

Their ya have it...looking chubby tired eh? Time for a nap!  :D

Monday, August 10, 2015

Having some trouble...

    Good Evening! I am almost ready for bed. And figured I should write in my blog. Let's see, since I'm on a diet....:D I should tell you what I ate today. Peanut butter sandwich with honey...:( two of them...Double :( :( I know this might be hard to believe, but I forgot I was dieting.  No really...I did. It sounded good...I saw bread, opened up the peanut butter. Spread a blob on the bread...added honey and got me the only diet thing I had...a glass of water. Ya...I know peanut butter sandwiches are better with milk. I ran out of milk the night before. hehehe So I proceeded to eat the sandwich. Yum...and more Yum! Bla! I have something to confess, made another sandwich. :( Hey, I did drink water..doesn't that account for something? I know..your right...NO! it does not account for something. Bla! 

     BUTT...I got my act together and put together a dinner I could eat. In fact the whole family could eat. I made "Chicken and Tomatoes" VERY diet..right? I know! I have three men here in my house. Two are my sons...and one is my brother. My mom also lives with me. Anyway, got off track a bit. I put everything in the crock pot and cooked it for eight hours. The Chicken fell apart like butter. the tomatoes turned into a wonderful sauce. I added carrots and
Zucchini to it salt and pepper and some old bay spices. Ooo Doggy! All over rice. A complete meal in a pot. What? You want the recipe? ummm Okay. It will be in my recipe file here tomorrow. As I am ready for bed, and know I would make mistakes typing it. SO tomorrow it is! 

    What else did I do today? Ohh I babysat my two grandaughters. My oldest son and his little wife came over and I got to hold the newest addition to our family. Vanden Jacob (named after daddy) The baby even got his picture taken with GG. (great grandma) I'll post pictures tomorrow as well. Then my son came here after work and took the Ford 4-wheel drive home. Sad but excited for Byron. Some of you may not knowthat my husband dies two years ago. And the 74' Ford 4-wheel drive was his pride and joy. So when he died my second son asked if he could have the truck. Byron knew all about that truck. And so I said it should go to him. Well today we finally got it in Byron's name and I watched him drive into the sunset, with his two daughters in the truck. I was sad to see it go. But happy to see Byron happy. And it's still in the family. 
Wa La! 

OK..where was I (sniff) :D Oh ya. We had fun with the baby and litening to the boys talk and the girls fawn all over the baby. It was a great afternoon. So everyone left and I got dinner on the table. and boy was it good. We enjoyed all the flavors and the chicken just melted in your mouth. drool drool... hehehe SO now that I have written in my blog tonight, I am feeling very motivated. So high five to a better tomorrow! Look for the recipe and pic's on the next post tomorrow. Alright, I am off to bed because I feel my eyeballs starting to burn. A few eye drops will take care of that. So good-night and pleasant dreams.

  Feeling a litte chubby tired...Quay

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Back and feeling ready

It's been awhile...let me rephrase that. It's been a tremendous amount of time gone by since I have come to write in my blog here. I need to be here in order to be accountable for my weight loss.  "Or as it really is lack of weight loss.

I was down to 249 and I have balloon'd back up to 265.  I got this dumb idea to stop following a diet. Ready for this shocker? I figured since I was 59 and gray haired, I would just be what I was! A 249 pound chubby tired Grandma. Waaaaaa Needless to say it didn't work. 

So now I'm back to get back to 249 and beyond that. My actual goal is to get to 150-160. having said that...this chubby tired Grandma needs to shed 115 pounds of flabby old fat! 

Now I'm putting myself out there so I will follow the weight loss plan I have chosen. And for the love of Pete. Get to my goal weight.

Friend's come and help me reach my goal. Please, my chubby butt thanks you in advanced!!! No more feeling like a cow..mooooo. LOL.  

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Losing the battle... :(

I am so down now...I have gained back 20 pounds! I cannot stay out of the food... I feel like I am going to be missing out on something, I think. It's like one more bite...just one more treat, then I'll stop. I am out of control! HEEEEEEEEELP! 

I am going to my therapist in 2 weeks I need to ask him what the heck is gonna on! *sigh* I feel so ashamed, and stupid. :(  I go to the gym on a daily basis, but I am gaining the weight not losing it. I feel like a liar and a cheat! I haven't given up I just need to know why I'm eating like this???? WHY??? Someone help me!!!!!!!!!!

Ok enuff' said, now off to bed and then up at 5:00 am to burn off the Ice Cream sandwiches I pigged out on tonight! CRAP!!!! Blah!

Good night for now...
Signed off, ballooning in Utah!

This is me and my daughter at the gym, getting ready to go in the pool and do Water Zumba!! I love it, I really dooooooo Geeez!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

YaY for weight loss!!!

Okay I'm finally here! I know, I know, I said I'd be here the very next day!!!  So, my bad!!  :D wink -wink!

OK so I have gone up and down this last week! But I am still doing good, YAY!!  All together I have lost 30 ponds. I am at 239!  I haven't seen that number since I was prgo with my last baby, lol Boy I'll tell ya, I 'm so glad I'm just FAT!!! haha

I need to post how baggy my clothes are. I'll do that, also take a picture of me in a skinny outfit too!!  Now don't get jealous....we're all in this together!!! Now let's ggo have a donut to celebrate our weight loss!!! hahaha just kidding!!!!!   :D

Monday, January 20, 2014

Confession Time!

No I have a confession to make. Which is why I one drops their mouth in disgust, or rolls their eyes. It's safe and well painless!! :D Now once I start to gain I go nuts...I tell myself, one more peanut butter, with honey sandwich won't matter and tomorrow I'll start again!! WHAT the WHAT!!! You have got be kidding Quay! Get a grip girl! OK so here is my promise.....I am going to worry about tomorrow, one day at a time. Then I will blog my success (see I'm being positive here) So ladies & men, I will return tomorrow night to post my success! Please be kind and please gie feed back!!

ciao until tomorrow night!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Losing in Utah!

Good Evening fellow fatties!!! How are we doing on our weight loss goals? I am still trying to get the last 5 pounds off from Christmas!!! Boohooo!! :(

Butt my plan is working!! Tonight was a bit tough. I made pancakes for dinner. Butt, I did only eat 3 small pancakes with  bit of butter and homemade syrup! Yay, for Me huh??? Thank you! I also felt snacky so I ate 3 cutie oranges. It was very sweet and satisfying. My snacky feeling went away! Not: Cutie's are a plus....pluse size satisfaction! Your Welcome!

What is my weight loss number? Well I am 244 right now. I would be very happy at 160! Yes sir ree!! So I have 84 pounds to lose! Not to hard I have already lost 30 pounds. So I'm pulling up my BIG girl panties and going for gold!!! Watch me win! Good night my friends!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Here Piggy, Piggy!!!

Howdy fellow fatties!!! Is that to harsh? Well, aren't we fat? I wouldn't have a blog about weight loss if I was thin!!! Hmmmm well maybe I would. So OK it's harsh!! lol
Alright, so who is on track with their weight loss? I was...but those darn holiday's! Well also that darn will power, I loast mine along the from Christmas to New Year's. So, 10 pounds heavier, I am here to say I am back on track.
I am being honest and calling this bump what is ..… I ate like a pig! Yep, pumpkin pie only comes once a year and I was not going to miss out on lushes, real whip cream beatin' to the right consistency. And piled high on the sweet decadent pumpkin pie...chilled to perfection!!!  OMG!!! Let me just say thias,,,oink oink!!! lol

Come back tomorrow to see what happens next!!!
Mrs. Oink-a-lita!!!


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Content in Utah...NOT TRUE!!!

So it's been awhile...well a long while. OK so it's been over a year!!! I've been content to be fat!!! Well, I shouldn't say that. I've been running on both ends of the candlestick. I've been taking care of my sick hubby, my elderly Mother and my blind brother. Now who wouldn't want this job??? Well actually I'm ok with it. I've made things a bit easier. I moved my Mom and brother in shortly after my husband passed away. It was going to be easier for all of us money wise and easier for me to take care of them. So now having said that....I got to thinking I would like to get back to my blogging and my weight loss. I have gained, lost and gained. So it's time to do something for me. Annnnnyway.....get ready for a fun, wild 2014!!! Cuz' you can't have fun at my house unless your insane!!!! Talk to you all tomorrow!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

YaY!!! I'm thinner!

SO....I have not entered anything here since March. Well a lot has happened since then. We have moved, moved my mom and my husband became very ill and still is. I got my knee replaced. And I am still working on the old chub loss. Geeez! Things are getting back to a much more normal pace these days. I hope to get things back to a S-L-O-W pace so I can scrap a lot more. I have a ton of pics to do !

OK... the last couple of times I wrote here I was 265.... WOoooWEeee  Well good news now is I am now down to.... wait for it........ 244 yep...I'am slowly but surely still losing!! I can hardly stand it. So here is an updated shot of me .... (I'm the skinny one), and my BFF! hehehe
 It's coming off slow...but it is staying off. I found some really huge pics of me. I will have to scan them and load them up here. Kind of a before and mid way thingy!  Alright everyone...if there is still anyone out there!! I'll be back sooner than last!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Staying on task!

What exactly does that mean..."Staying on Task" hmmmm When you call weight loss a task, isn't that an understatement BIG time??


[task, tahsk] Example Sentences Origin


[task, tahsk] Show IPA
a definite piece of work assigned to, falling to, or expected of a person; duty.
any piece of work.
a matter of considerable labor or difficulty.
Obsolete . a tax or impost.
verb (used with object)
to subject to severe or excessive labor or exertion; put a strain upon (powers, resources, etc.).
to impose a task on.
Obsolete . to tax.
There ya have it.....the true meaning of task!  I like this one...
a matter of considerable labor or difficulty. Wouldn't you agree...losing weight is difficult. Not to mention the labor it takes to remember stuff like, is this the right amount of veggies. And should I weigh myself every 5 minutes! And don't forget you have to keep track of EVERY single thing you put in your mouth. Or spill on your chest! It could be dangerous to have some spare food lying a breast on your shirt! lol get it? A breast!!! As in chicken breast... I know I'm twisted!! 

Ok so your whole day could be sucked up with the thought of what to eat, when to eat, and when to exercise not to mention when to go shopping for all the right foods to eat! Argggggggggggggggggggggggg!!! I am feeling like I want to jump off a cliff while typing this. hehe soooooooooooo

Let me just say..."DO THE BEST YOU CAN AND THEN MAYBE SOME EXTRA BEST TO GET OVER THE HUMP" I fail everyday. I think they call that being normal! 
*hugs* to all my fellow fatties!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dear Fat Person (meaning myself)

  I am writing to tell you that you have won a million dollars from the "Blog Yourself Thin Club!" 

Yes, you are our grand prize winner of the newest weight loss craze ever to sweep the country!!!!  And with your small donation of $500.00 we can soon become the newest weight loss craze ever to sweep the "WORLD"!!!!  Won't you please help out in our cause. It means a lot to all the fat people that sit around home with no life. Starring into their computer screen at their fat loss blog. In hopes that it will motivate them to stay on task.

These people need our support.  For the very reason that you're probably not aware of, that most of us, are usually sitting there eating a BIG FAT ding dong or a yellow cake donut, dipped in chocolate. The kind of chocolate that snaps when you bite into it. Then as it coats the roof of your mouth, you close your eyes,  you think ah could this moment last forever? You wish you could you do this every night and never gain one, not one single pound!!!  Ahhhhhhhhh the ecstasy, the relaxing, almost melty, soft soothing feeling that comes over you. Your eyes glaze over and that comforting smile floats over your thoughts of more~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(o)(o)(o)(o) more donuts just like the first one!!

How many of us have felt this way? Come on...raise your hand!?!?!  Dooooooooo it!!! hehehe I know I have. Man have I ever.  Food has become such a romantic, comforting feeling for me.  How I wish I could use food for what it was intended. To keep you alive and healthy.  Ohh I know it has to taste good or we wouldn't eat it.  Now what I am going to do, is remind myself why I turned to food for comfort. And remind myself that the reason is done, over, gone, deleted DEAD!!! So let it go and move forward-----------> Yep forward!  So having said that, I have gained .2 pounds and I am guessing that is water retention. On account I haven't been taking my water pills. Nowwwwwwwwww, before you all go postal on me about taking my pills. I have the choice to take the pills and pee my pants all day. Or not and retain some water, temporarily. Today retention won out! hehe

OK, let's get on the rest of my twisted fantasy here.... :D

So please get that donation into the mail today and help a fellow chubby out!  Send your donation to

Blog Yourself Thin Club
300 Ton Street
Moo Town, USA 90900

We have also enclosed this pocket size tape measure, so that you can measure your girth at anytime, anywhere.  We thank you for your complete support towards our common goal. To rid this world of lonely, fat, donut eating sad people. Don't forget to pat yourself on the back for sending in your donation. And to make that ol' pat on your back even better. Just double that donation to $1000.00. 

Just think of the extra joy you could be feeling right now, by sending that doubled donation!!  Just double that donation and sing your songs of praise to yourself!

Thank you,
CEO, of the "Blog Yourself Thin Club"
Quay Sadler

(also Author of "Scrap Yourself Thin Club" and "Shop Yourself ThinClub")
Sold in bookstores everywhere! lol

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hello all my Weight Conscience Friends! how has everyone done this week?  So far I'm at the same weight I was last week. Bla!  Ohhh you want to know how much I weigh?  hmmmm' are we really BFF's?  Alright, alright slow down.....wait for it......265!  Their I said it, I'm not happy about it, but I said it. Man...WWWWWHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! That's what my grandson says when he doesn't get his way. I thought I might try it and see if it gets me what I want!!!  So ever think what you do want when you lose your chub?  What do I want? Well if ya have to know, I want to be 125 pounds.  I weighed that when I was a senior. And don't you think being and LOOKING like you did back in your youth, would be GREAT????   Oh man think of the possibilities... mine would be-
1.  NO wrinkles...anywhere!

2.  Boobs that don't touch my knees when I sit down!

3.  A lap that my grand-kids can actually sit on.

4.  Brown hair again...(even my hair is fat) :D

5.  I could ride my bike and you could actually see the seat while I'm riding. Not a pole up my A$$!!

6.  Beautiful teeth, well heck just some teeth in the first place! *wink*

7.  Be able to fit in a booth at a restaurant, comfortably! Not have the table jammed into your gutt!!!

 8.  Just some sexy panties eh?  Not underpants you can jump from a plane with and use them as a parachute.

9.  Dimples on my cheeks, and I mean the ones on your face, not the tens of thousands on your other cheeks!

10. And lastly my Memory back....(it's fat too) being 55 has it's good moments, but it also has it's bad moments as well. So let's raise a glass of diet water and say three cheers to losing weight and hopefully getting our wish list answered by the PHAT fairy!!!!!!!!    Cheers everyone!!

p.s. I have posted a couple pic's of my days when I was young and had tight skin, long brown hair, and the world was my oyster....(what does that mean anyway?) OK prepare to be shocked! lol

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hangs Her Head In Shame

Alas...I am ashamed to even be here.  I have fallen of the wagon so to speak.  I am getting back on the horse or wagon if you will... For several reasons:
1.  I am still fat.
2.  I am having knee surgery.
3.  I want to wear cool clothes AGAIN!!
4.  I need this blog to help me stay in line.

Their I said it... Whew!  I feel better already.  On reason I haven't been here is my hubby got real sick one night and I called an ambulance and off he went to the hospital. Not more than hour there. They pulled him  into surgery. They had told me he might not make it thru' the surgery! :(  Now about an hour and a half I got to go see him. Then I found out he had diverticulitis.  And they took a foot and a half of his small intestine out! eeewwwww  And for those that are wondering....YES he had a poop bag put on.  I even had to learn how to put one on and clean it out. Another eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww. lol  Actually it wasn't so bad.  You do these kind of things for the ones you love. And I really like gutts!! hehehe I should of been a Doctor!! :D

 Ok next topic...My daughter and I are back on Weight Watchers and hope to be a size minus 14 by summer!  OK, so maybe I am expecting to much. lol  But shouldn't I aim high?  Or should I keep my expectations low so I don't get crushed. lol  Well, one way or the other I need to lose the rest of my chub!

My biggest problem with losing weight, is the damn exercise. grrrr  I have a robo knee in my left leg, and soon another robo knee will put  in my right leg. So getting down on the floor is a definite "NO"  Once you get the metal knees you can't kneel on them. So no doggie leg lift's!! :D I know...I know...their is plenty of things I can do that is called exercise. :D   So having said that I will...I will do the stand up kind of exercise!
X-my heart and hope to get thin! hehe  So Team Sadler is armed and ready to go !!!!!!  I will report back tomorrow at 1300 or 1100 or some sort of 100 hours. Just check in often. lol  I will be back tomorrow. 
Hang in their with me!!

p.s. I have loaded a picture of me on the 4th of all can see how chub looks on a holiday! hehe

Monday, June 27, 2011

Yogurt, Yogurt, Yogurt!!

Howdy all you faithful followers... :D  I am still here, struggling like the rest of the world, well a few anyway in the  My main staple has been yogurt. Yep, good ol' sweet, light, fat free yogurt! I only like two kinds. Yoplait strawberry and Yoplait strawberry/banana. Today I am eating just plain strawberry!! Can we
all say YUM??? hehe  
Sooooooooooooooo Good!!

Ok so here is the latest and not so greatest, I have lost 3 pounds, that is the greatest part. The not so greatest is I will probably gain it back. I know I know...think positive. Oh I am, I am also being logical. I know just eating Yogurt isn't a good plan. BUTT... I have no time these days. I am so busy with my Grand-kids and my own children and my mother and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I am ready to explode!!!!!

Is it possible to a little over weight and still be happy? I think I have been fairly happy, I would like to be thinner so my diabetes stay's in control. It is now but I know it would be even better if I was thinner. So in light of that, I am still trying. Hang in there with me, I am doing the best I can do right now with all that is going on in my life.
Stay tuned for further chitter chatter!! :D

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hello....I know I am losing followers!! Waaa! I have been tending grandkids and well, I think you all know what that means! :\  So here is the latest...I am stuck where I was last time. I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off and well that isn't enough I guess. poo!

My mom bought one of those exercise chairs that twist and bend and works out all of your gut while you sit on your butt! (I know it rhymes) hehe  So do you think I make time to sit on it? Heck no....I'd rather be looking up The Monkees info! I am re-living my past teen years. hehe  Mike was my fav!!  Now here is the really cute part.  My granddaughter is starting to like the monkees too! hehe She sings along with the music and even asked to watch one of the shows today! bwhahaha  Ya gotta love that!!

NEWS FLASH!! I am also turning into a coupon grandma!! I have been watching the show on TLC and I am hooked.  I have gone shopping 2 times so far and loved loading up my cart and watching the coupons deduct the original price.  WONDERFUL!

SO ya see I have been a very busy person these days. Much to busy to lose weight!! hehe  BUTT...I am still here aren't I?  So my desire is weak but alive!! I may just need a shock to my thinking so I can get back on track!! Speaking of, I am not doing that!! hehe

Ciao fellow chubbers!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Yippeeee, Yahoooo and Yowza!!

Well guess what? I have lost 9 pounds!!!  Yep I climbed my big fat butt onto the creeepy ol' scale and "weighted" to see the numbers and lo' and behold I was 9 pounds down!!!

I could hardly believe it! I thought hell woman go to the store and shop to celebrate...hehe But then I remembered payday wasn't until the end of the week. hmmmm bummer! But NOT a bummer since some of the fat (I hope) has come from my bum!! hehe 

Soooooooo how did I get back on track? I had to let my acid reflux pills lapse becuz' of our crappy insurance, and I started getting bloated and uncomfortable without them. Everything I ate was giving me heartburn and then the acid reflux at night. SO here is my big secret... wait for it.... I stopped eating the foods that were upsetting my stomach. Simple right? COULDN'T BE MORE WRONG!!  I loved the food I was eating, and lots of it too! hehe I had to stop eating snacks after dinner, late at night, in the middle of the day when I was bored.  By snacks I mean, cake, mini hostess donuts (whole bags of them) chocolate and so on.... you know all the things we crave and love.

Now, I am not saying this is a secret way to lose weight, but what I am saying is, it's working for me. It is forcing me to eat better and healthier becuz' I can't stand the pain! And consequently I am turned off by those yummy foods! hehe  And a bonus is I no longer need the pills which puts more money in my pocket! WIN WIN I say!! :D

So here is a funny story about one of my grand-daughters. Her name is Ivy and she is ADHD, she is extremely bright for her age (I bet all grandma's say that) hehe She has a nac of saying the right things at the right time that can make you bust a gut!  What happened was grandpa had her and our other grand-daughter, Quaylyn in the car, they stopped at a red light and on the corner was a man dressed up in a statue of liberty costume. Advertising a discount on their filing your taxes. The sign read "50% off" (then some bigger words she couldn't read) Now Ivy read those words as "$50 off"  Then she paused....and replied "What a Rip!!!" I swear I am busting up here as I write this..hehehehe  She never fails to put things in perspective!! hehe

Here is first Quaylyn, then Ivy... they both fill my cup to the brim daily!! (those are little aprons, not dresses, just sayin') hehe

Monday, April 4, 2011


First of all I have gained 15 pounds back!! Waaaaaaaaaaaa! I don't know how I did it, I just did!! Wait that isn't true....I did it one bite at a time. One bite of cheesecake, then another and another. Then candy and cheetos, dinner out, birthday party cake, ice cream, cookies, extra helpings of dinner, lunch and breakfast.  OMG!!

Sooooooo let's talk eh?  Have you ever reached a point where you are starting to feel pretty damn good. I mean, your feeling rather sexy and hot! hehe "I'm doing really good on this plan." I haven't lost but I haven't gained. SO deep in the sick helpless brain a fat person has, you tell yourself I can have 1 donut, and then 2, then 3 and then before you know it I have eaten the entire bag of Hostess mini chocolate donuts. Mmmmmm SO yummy!!  What?? Am I sick in the head??? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I am!  I can't stop! I don't know how it happens it just does. I go into a drunken stupor and eat until I need an entire bottle of tums!!   GOD help me!!

Have ya ever been there? And if so what did ya do to break the spell of "I'm a fat pig again" lol  Oh and BTW I found that scale. That's how I know I have gained 15 pounds back. :D  Bla!

SO my peeps....I am at a loss. A loss of courage and a loss of power!  Food has crept back into my brain the way it was when I weighed 326.  It's an addiction thing.  SO if you have any suggestions? Please lay them on me...and FAST...I am turning into a huge barge!! hehehe

Below is me in one of my drunken cake stupors!! And check out those boobs...are they hanging or what? Sick!! I need a new bra! Yes folks I do have a bra on, and the bottom of my shirt has some grandkid spillage of sorts so please don't think I fell over laughing in my state of cake drunkenness and soiled myself!! hehehehe

What a dork I am here...hehehe Luv' ya all!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Packing it up!

How does one pack up there belongings?? I do mine all in U-haul boxes. Nice and neat! Everything goes in a box. I want no stragglers left behind. And if I have put ever thing in a box there will be no stragglers...right??? I have boxed up my scale, I have no idea if I have lost and if I have, how much. And I cannot remember what box it is in. SO just for fun, let's see if I lose anything from the time of this post till I find it. I last weighed my self over a week ago. And I was 256. I know I know...getting chubby again! lol I got down to the 251 during my surgery and recovery. It was the first time I was 251 in over 12 years. It looked good!! I just want you all to know I am still motivated and have been staying away from boredom eating (which BTW is my aquiles heel) Since we have been painting and boxing, all I do is hurt so I haven't wanted to do much but sleep, or work harder to get things done. SO I guess what I am saying is....eating bad, working good! lol

So, keep watching and see if I have lost anything....Now I am off to work some more...TTYL friends!
Ps... Pic is from a luncheon we had with some of our old high school buddies!! I was so glad that I could go! If this had been 3 years ago, I wouldn't have gone. To fat! Life is so much better these days!

4:00 am?

WoW! I am up and it's 4 o'clock in the morning...What am I doing up this early you ask? Well my hubby woke me up, by eating some pretzels!!! Thank goodness I am not a big fan of eating pretzels! :D  However I feel a box of macaroni and cheese calling me. But I am not hungry, becuz' it is freezing in here, so all I can think about is hurrying and getting back to bed! lol So I will refrain!!

So how many of you like "Turkey Burger"?  :( Blac!! My mom is trying to get me to eat it. Yuck-o...I have ate it and it sucks! So no real meaning behind this post, just the mutterings of a tired old woman who thought she better type something before she cuddles up under her blankets.

So until later my fellow fatties...I will bid you adieu...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year, New Goals

Really? New Goals? Like "Hey I wanna stay a fat slob forever" or "Geez Fat looks good on me" Riiiight!! hehe  OK so I have the same goals, lose weight! And why break with tradition! It's a new year and why not have the same ol' "I'm going to lose weight this year?" SO in short, I am still on my goal of losing weight and getting healthier and happier! Happier by "weigh" of less pain lugging all this fat around! Healthier by "weigh" of being of sound mind! Right now my mind is a little lost. We are in the process of moving our household to a much smaller home than what 6 adults can live in. Yikes! So we are having to downsize some. Such as losing weight does! (awww great analogy) lol Gotta stick with the theme of things here! lol

Ok, so moving sucks and so does being fat, but loosing the tonnage is great and so is the loss of all the cardboard boxes after the move. Then and only then will my mind return and be back to normal!! Normal? really? Was I ever normal? And that my readers is another entry!!
 Get happy and thin this year... TTYL

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bowing my Head in Shame!

*BIG sigh* Ok peeps...the battle of the bulge has won...well the fat side of the battle!  I have "GAINED" 10 pounds since I last wrote in here. *sniff sniff* Some how I managed to eat myself to the fat tard stage!  10 pounds, unbelievable!  Is it really???? Hell no!!!  It is believable I have made the basic Christmas goodies, such as, cherry cheese cake, spaghetti casserole with a BUTT load of mozzarella CHEESE!!! And speaking of BUTT BUTT is a whole bunch of fat now!! I'll take a picture.. hang on! Ok..let me explain something. I have been out to my other house, painting. so I lost my balance and fell backwards onto the closet door my mom and I were painting, and my pants got a huge amount of yellow paint on them. So enjoy! hehe
WoW! Nice paint clothes eh?  Ok so I have explained my plight and confessed my unworthy soul to you! Please still be my friend? Don't turn away from me because I am hideous! I need your support! :D

Alrighty, when we move I am really thinking about going back to WW if I can afford it! I will have to check my budget. So in the mean time, I better at least keep blogging and watching what I put in my mouth! Speaking of mouth, I am going to shut mine right about ALL of my faithful followers, "Have a Very Merry Christmas!"

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holy's been a while!!

Wowie! I have slacked here...been busy with my surgery recovery and physical therapy. I am glad to say I am walking more normally and feeling a WHOLE lot better! I will be doing the other knee come March or April! And now the reason I got my knees done????

I WAS SUPER FAT!!! hehe I wore my knees right out to the bone. When your carrying an elephant on your back something has to give. And my knees were it! I am so grateful they have this type of surgery so that I can still walk and not end up in a wheelchair. That's where I was headed the Dr. said. ACK!

Ok I am down to 251 and I go up to 254 then back to 251...BUTT I am ok with that. I seem to hover in a slot for awhile then I lose like 6 pounds all at once. So I am waiting for that magic moment now! hehe

Speaking of magic moment, I have dropped 14 dress sizes since I have been on this journey!!!  I can hardly believe it!  When I added up the dress sizes, it was like Christmas morning. Magical all the way. Yehaw! I want to do what a fellow WW friend did. She went to the store and asked if she could take pictures of things that matched her weight loss. You know like 85 pounds of shortening, 85 pounds of dog food.  Then I could see what I was actually carrying around. I know it is going to look GY-NORMOUS!!! So when I do I will post the pics here. And Lesia...I will have my Daughter email me that picture and get it up here, just for you!!

Ok all you fellow fatties..Christmas is coming! And so are the good eats! What to do, what to do...Well I am not going to stress for one and two I am going to eat with thought and control.  I am going to taste the food and if it is good I am going to swallow it. If it isn't tasty, then I am going to spit it out!! Yep you heard me, spit-tooie!!! hehe Why? you ask.... well I made a turkey dinner last night and I could hardly wait to sit and devour the fixin's.  And low and behold, they didn't taste like I thought they would. I have noticed some of the foods I loved so much don't taste the same anymore. Waaaaa!  BUTT, I do know it has helped me not over eat and to stay away from these foods, just on taste alone. I hope I can keep this miracle up until I reach my goal and beyond. Don't you? lol

Now here is my promise...I am going to get past the 250's by the end of the year. And I am going to eat slow and with thought and control.  And I will post pictures here SOON!  ANNNND I will post more often! hehehe  Miss all my WW friends and love your support!! Thanks guys!!

*hugs* Quay

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh for Pete's Sake!

Man, I am losing my mind!! I'm serious!  :) I am stuck in my house most of the day, and can't do anything on account of my knee. Knee replacement sucks! hehe For now it does!  I can only stand on my legs for 10 minutes at a time, and then I have to rest for 20 minutes. Geeez! Bla! Whine Whine Whine....  :D

Ok enuff' I suppose. lol  So in the weight loss department I am now down to 252!!! Woooo Hoooo  I haven't seen that in decades!  Joann (my daughter) took a picture of me on the sofa Halloween night and I actually looked small!! hehehe  Yippppeeee!   I am 100 pounds away from my goal.  Yowza!  It might take me another year but I will do it. I have too! I am in this to win this! ok..enuff'

Halloween came and went and I had candy, not a ton...just some! I am rather proud of myself and really glad I didn't buy any to tempt me either! hehe  So now we move towards Thanksgiving, the day of the trough!! Yep, the trough!!  We eat til' we burst then go back for more and do it all over again!  Can you believe it? Of course you can...admit it!  This year I am doing just what I did last year.  Eat slow and get full faster and then leave the table and visit with everyone instead of hanging around the food.  It will work!

Alright I know this is dull this time, butt at least I wrote in it! hehe  Until next time I weigh slow people.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Candy Trail!

Ok so my Grand-daughter's school has there fundraiser chocolates in to be picked up. YEA! for her...but boo for me! Or so I thought. :/ I pickup Quaylyn from school everyday except Monday, and today was my day to pick her up. SO with map in hand I made my way into her cafeteria to witness, every table had 1000's of boxed chocolate, a sea of pure dark, milk and creamy chocolate. Ready to be claimed!!  Quaylyn was the top seller in her school (or dare I say her mother was the top seller) hehe  Anyway...I asked the lady who looked official and she asked which class and which teacher. I told her and then told her my grand-daughters name "Quaylyn" :D (proud grandma moment) lol  Then the official lady said "I knew you were going to say that, did you know she was our top seller here at school?" "WoW she is?" I replied  "Then off we go" says the official lady, "We have a cart for you!!!"  A CART!!!!! Oh Hellllll no!! I nearly crapped....(I know TMI, I did say I can get a little colorful here) hehe  So, then we proceeded to the pile on the table, which BTW took up most of the table! She told me to go pull my car around and then we could load it easier. So I did. I could hardly wait to get it home!  M-M-M-M-M right???? A big FAT WRONG! And I'll tell you why....

I actually thought, for a moment that I was going to throw caution to the wind and come home and have myself a chocolate frenzy until I went into a coma. BUTT instead I came home and had 4 pieces, 2 peanut butter and 2 chocolate covered caramels.  I know that is a lot for a diabetic but in actuality it is quite safe. BUTT the big thing was I got sick to my stomach after I ate them. I am even nauseous while I am typing this. I am not actually sure why, it might be that I am stressing a bit on the surgery and my stomach is upset on the other hand it just might be that I find chocolate disgusting and repulsive now!!  YA RIGHT!!  Well in keeping with the WW credo "Less is More" (I made that up) hehe

After all....Halloween is coming!! bwhahahahahaha


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sad but True

Well, I have had to quit going to weight watchers, for awhile. I can not afford the monthly payment. My brother was paying for me to go. BUTT, he said he can't afford it either. :(  BUTT, I am still on track, I have been weighing myself at home and I have gained back 2 pounds. So now I am working on getting those pounds off my body....AGAIN!!  Now more distressing news, sorta!

I am going into the hospital October 8th to have knee surgery, yep I am getting a new knee! The doctor said I have severe arthritis in both knees and no cushion under my joints. So bone against bone. Yikes! Anyway 6 weeks later I am back in the hospital having the other knee replaced!! It's scary, but exciting too!  When all is said and done, I will finally be able to go walking for my exercise!!!!!!  Whooo Hooo  So now I have a new lens in my right eye, so I can see better, and I will have 2 new knees so I can walk better. Which means I will be able to see thru brick walls and jump tall buildings in a single bound!! OMG! I will become the worlds first bionic Grandma! Woot Woot! I can hardly wait!!! lol

Alrighty I will be here more now that I can't go to weight watchers for awhile! I will need to see how all of you are progressing to help me stay on task. is great, just like a great bra is! :D

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Plodding Along

I feel like I am in slow motion... m-o-v-i-n-g-e-v-e-r-s-o-s-l-o-w-l-y!  Day after day I get on the scale, one pound down, then the next day one pound up. I'm thinking I would like to be a man!! They lose so darn fast, and steady!!  My brother already looks hot, even with no hair!! hehehe I can say that becuz' he doesn't do blogs. So he will never see mine! A_N_Y_W_A_Y.....

I am still motivated, just tired. However, I did go swimming twice yesterday. Did laps the first time! Played with grand kids the second time, which felt like I did laps! LOL  So I am stoked about that. My 1x clothes fit rather good lately. And that keeps me focused. I know this is going to take more time, and after all I have lost over 70 pounds, since I started this journey.  I must find some of my really super fat pictures and put them on here. That is if I have any. I may have said "Don't snap that picture" you know when that camera comes out you duck and cover. Like that blanket is going to make me look thinner! hehe

SOooo keep your chin up or your chins, which ever the case may be!!!  And keep plodding along!!

SO here is The Queen of fat pictures. This is when I was 336 pounds! Yikes!! Pretty sad eh?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stress VS. Food

Sooooooooooo My weight loss is now a gain. Waaaaaa But I am not discouraged! Really..I'm not! :D  Why, you ask???  Well my autistic son will be moving out this Friday and I will be free from his stress and rotten attitude! So I will be able to ignore the junk food and the fatty food as well.  Now why is it that fatty food is so dang good? I DON'T KNOW!!! hehe I do know that is feels tasty and relaxing when eatin' For me anyway...

Oh and I haven't had time to grocery shop, that has been a real big issue.  Speaking of issue my bra's have gotten bigger!! Yep you heard me...BIGGER!!!!  I guess that is a sign I am losing weight, but at my age the weight disappears and all you have is empty socks!!  Eeewww SO what I have decided to do is roll them up like cinnamon rolls and call it a day!  Yummy! hehe

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm still alive!! :D

Hello all you fellow fatties!! I am back with a vengeance!  LOL  I have been so busy with my Tupperware Business....that I haven't had time for anything, let alone eat and keep points! Waaaaaaa  BUTT...I have managed to lose another 7.6!!! It has taken a month to get here. BUTT I am so happy to have reached the 250's!!! And I have gone down from the 2x size to the 1x size...and they are loose!  WOot WOot  :D

OK new Picture.... All right ladies...I am off to rest my tired BUTT...and then get up and help my mom, pick up Tupperware orders, and then back home and into the pool!!! :D Gotta tighten those saggy body parts!! LOL
 *big hugs*

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 4th

What does it mean to you? The 4th to me is family and friends...eating, and laughing, and poking fun at each other...the 4th also means Freedom to me, the Freedom to live in a country that has so many possibilities to make your life better. To make you and your family safe, to make you and your family happy.  And now all that is being threatened.  I am so greatful for my Founding Fathers who started this great nation and all that it has to offer.  Please pray for our Country to be safe from inside out!! And God bless the troops and the people in Congress so they can turn our great nation back to what it should be.  God Bless America!!
Eat Hardy Everyone! hehe

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fatty Fatty McButter Pants!

HI everyone,
  I am still around, and learning how to juggle my busy life! And having said that, the part I'm still learning about is eating on the run.  Dag-nab-it!  I have even stayed off my scale. BUTT...Staying off the scale has not worked. I have eaten like I don't have a weight problem.  You some of those people that can eat an entire elephant and still only weigh 85 pounds. LOL  SO, I have gained back the 5.4 I lost, and then some.  I have eaten McDonalds, which is why I am McButter pants now!  And I am trying to find my "weigh" back to eating the plan like I was before.  HOWEVER......I am not discouraged!!  After all it has taken me a millennium to get this fat and it might take that much to get it off!!  Right?? Hmmmm :D  LOL

Ok so here is the scoop...Ahhhh crap I said scoop and that reminds I ate ice cream too! Seeeeeeeeee how hard this is?? :D  Ok I'll try's the poop...(that's better) I will be at weight watchers lurking in the back so no one can see my McButter BUTT...hehe No I'm kidding, I will see ya all on Thursday!!

When all is said and done, I have to say Those McDonald McMuffins were DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! lol

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hangs Head In Shame!

Ok...I'm finally here!  And I have drawn a complete blank as to why I have been MIA.  Oh wait a minute, I have been working!! Yep, working making money!!  I'd like to say I have been Working OUT but, I have slacked on that.  I have also gained 2.4 pounds back of my 5.4 pounds I lost the week before.  SO hence the hanging of my head in shame! LOL  I'm sure a lot of you know that juggling a job, family, chores, babysitting-grandkids, exercise, and weight watchers is a HUGE task!!  I wasn't this busy when I was raising my 5 kids!!!  Dang!!  Soooo I am beggin' all of you to hang in there with me, I am very new to this job thing. I have been a SAHM forever, and juggling all of this is exhausting!  Until later.... ciao

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Ok...first I am still here!! 2nd, I am out of the 270's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I weighed in at the West Valley Center, BTW Kris teaches at!  And I lost 5.4 pounds!!! Woot Woot  So now I am 264!! I have not seen the 60's well, in forever!!!  I know you guys said it would happen, and it did.  So now I am going to push for the 250's!!!  I can't imagine being in the 250's....what a wild trip this is.  :D  I am feeling thinner, who'd a thunk that would happen! LOL
Ok, so what am I changing, hmmmm well I am changing my underwear daily! teehee I'll be serious now (maybe) I am doing some walking. I am also doing some stretches at night.  That's a lot for me considering I hate the whole sweating thing.  However, that being said. I am waiting for payday so I can pay for classes to the water aerobics! That I am actually looking forward too!
SO whats new in my life? Not a damn thing!!! LOL  Doing the same old same old!! Surviving mostly, just like everyone else is!  So now I am off to get things ready for a Tupperware party tonight. C-ya all next Thursday!
am so down now...I have gained back 20 pounds! I cannot stay out of the food... I feel like I am going to be missing out on something, I think. It's like one more bite...just one more treat, then I'll stop. I am out of control! HEEEEEEEEELP! 

I am going to my therapist in 2 weeks I need to ask him what the heck is gonna on! *sigh* I feel so ashamed, and stupid. :(  I go to the gym on a daily basis, but I am gaining the weight not losing it. I feel like a liar and a cheat! I haven't given up I just need to know why I'm eating like this???? WHY??? Someone help me!!!!!!!!!!

Ok enuff' said, now off to bed and then up at 5:00 am to burn off the Ice Cream sandwiches I pigged out on tonight! CRAP!!!! Blah!

Good night for now...
Signed off, ballooning in Utah!
This is me and my daughter at the gym, getting ready to go in the pool and do Water Zumba!! I love it, I really dooooooo Geeez!