Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year, New Goals

Really? New Goals? Like "Hey I wanna stay a fat slob forever" or "Geez Fat looks good on me" Riiiight!! hehe  OK so I have the same goals, lose weight! And why break with tradition! It's a new year and why not have the same ol' "I'm going to lose weight this year?" SO in short, I am still on my goal of losing weight and getting healthier and happier! Happier by "weigh" of less pain lugging all this fat around! Healthier by "weigh" of being of sound mind! Right now my mind is a little lost. We are in the process of moving our household to a much smaller home than what 6 adults can live in. Yikes! So we are having to downsize some. Such as losing weight does! (awww great analogy) lol Gotta stick with the theme of things here! lol

Ok, so moving sucks and so does being fat, but loosing the tonnage is great and so is the loss of all the cardboard boxes after the move. Then and only then will my mind return and be back to normal!! Normal? really? Was I ever normal? And that my readers is another entry!!
 Get happy and thin this year... TTYL

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Lesia said...

Good luck with your move and your weight loss journey, if I can help please let me know. smile