Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bowing my Head in Shame!

*BIG sigh* Ok peeps...the battle of the bulge has won...well the fat side of the battle!  I have "GAINED" 10 pounds since I last wrote in here. *sniff sniff* Some how I managed to eat myself to the fat tard stage!  10 pounds, unbelievable!  Is it really???? Hell no!!!  It is believable I have made the basic Christmas goodies, such as, cherry cheese cake, spaghetti casserole with a BUTT load of mozzarella CHEESE!!! And speaking of BUTT BUTT is a whole bunch of fat now!! I'll take a picture.. hang on! Ok..let me explain something. I have been out to my other house, painting. so I lost my balance and fell backwards onto the closet door my mom and I were painting, and my pants got a huge amount of yellow paint on them. So enjoy! hehe
WoW! Nice paint clothes eh?  Ok so I have explained my plight and confessed my unworthy soul to you! Please still be my friend? Don't turn away from me because I am hideous! I need your support! :D

Alrighty, when we move I am really thinking about going back to WW if I can afford it! I will have to check my budget. So in the mean time, I better at least keep blogging and watching what I put in my mouth! Speaking of mouth, I am going to shut mine right about ALL of my faithful followers, "Have a Very Merry Christmas!"


MommaSaid said...

Merry Christmas to you, too!

Lesia said...

I Wil will always be there for you. Smilsmile.