Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holy's been a while!!

Wowie! I have slacked here...been busy with my surgery recovery and physical therapy. I am glad to say I am walking more normally and feeling a WHOLE lot better! I will be doing the other knee come March or April! And now the reason I got my knees done????

I WAS SUPER FAT!!! hehe I wore my knees right out to the bone. When your carrying an elephant on your back something has to give. And my knees were it! I am so grateful they have this type of surgery so that I can still walk and not end up in a wheelchair. That's where I was headed the Dr. said. ACK!

Ok I am down to 251 and I go up to 254 then back to 251...BUTT I am ok with that. I seem to hover in a slot for awhile then I lose like 6 pounds all at once. So I am waiting for that magic moment now! hehe

Speaking of magic moment, I have dropped 14 dress sizes since I have been on this journey!!!  I can hardly believe it!  When I added up the dress sizes, it was like Christmas morning. Magical all the way. Yehaw! I want to do what a fellow WW friend did. She went to the store and asked if she could take pictures of things that matched her weight loss. You know like 85 pounds of shortening, 85 pounds of dog food.  Then I could see what I was actually carrying around. I know it is going to look GY-NORMOUS!!! So when I do I will post the pics here. And Lesia...I will have my Daughter email me that picture and get it up here, just for you!!

Ok all you fellow fatties..Christmas is coming! And so are the good eats! What to do, what to do...Well I am not going to stress for one and two I am going to eat with thought and control.  I am going to taste the food and if it is good I am going to swallow it. If it isn't tasty, then I am going to spit it out!! Yep you heard me, spit-tooie!!! hehe Why? you ask.... well I made a turkey dinner last night and I could hardly wait to sit and devour the fixin's.  And low and behold, they didn't taste like I thought they would. I have noticed some of the foods I loved so much don't taste the same anymore. Waaaaa!  BUTT, I do know it has helped me not over eat and to stay away from these foods, just on taste alone. I hope I can keep this miracle up until I reach my goal and beyond. Don't you? lol

Now here is my promise...I am going to get past the 250's by the end of the year. And I am going to eat slow and with thought and control.  And I will post pictures here SOON!  ANNNND I will post more often! hehehe  Miss all my WW friends and love your support!! Thanks guys!!

*hugs* Quay


Christy said...

I have notice that some foods don't taste as good to me too. Funny how that is.

senora_x said...

Welcome back! Missed reading your posts! Glad to hear you are doing well and continuing on your journey! Best of luck! You are quite an inspiration!

Lesia said...

I haven't been blogging either lately but I was excited to see one from you. I am rooting for you and praying for a speedy recovery too. Merry Christmas Quay. smile

Joy said...

Glad you are on the mend.

Stay focused you can make your goal!!

Merry Christmas!