Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh for Pete's Sake!

Man, I am losing my mind!! I'm serious!  :) I am stuck in my house most of the day, and can't do anything on account of my knee. Knee replacement sucks! hehe For now it does!  I can only stand on my legs for 10 minutes at a time, and then I have to rest for 20 minutes. Geeez! Bla! Whine Whine Whine....  :D

Ok enuff' I suppose. lol  So in the weight loss department I am now down to 252!!! Woooo Hoooo  I haven't seen that in decades!  Joann (my daughter) took a picture of me on the sofa Halloween night and I actually looked small!! hehehe  Yippppeeee!   I am 100 pounds away from my goal.  Yowza!  It might take me another year but I will do it. I have too! I am in this to win this! ok..enuff'

Halloween came and went and I had candy, not a ton...just some! I am rather proud of myself and really glad I didn't buy any to tempt me either! hehe  So now we move towards Thanksgiving, the day of the trough!! Yep, the trough!!  We eat til' we burst then go back for more and do it all over again!  Can you believe it? Of course you can...admit it!  This year I am doing just what I did last year.  Eat slow and get full faster and then leave the table and visit with everyone instead of hanging around the food.  It will work! 

Alright I know this is dull this time, butt at least I wrote in it! hehe  Until next time I weigh slow people.


MommaSaid said...

Well congratulations to you!!!!!

I'm sorry to read about your knees, but I would assume that this is a case of building strength over time, yes? You can do it!

Lesia said...

I feel your pain literally about the not standing part. ((hugs)) As far as the weight loss...HIP HIP HURRAY FOR YOU!!! Wish you had posted that Halloween picture. I miss seeing you. smile

Sam said...

I didn't know about your knee! Just catching up on some blogs, I missed that you were having it done! I hope you're doing okay! If you need anything, let me know! I can make you soup! :) Congrats on the weight loss, you're doing awesome!