Thursday, September 23, 2010

Candy Trail!

Ok so my Grand-daughter's school has there fundraiser chocolates in to be picked up. YEA! for her...but boo for me! Or so I thought. :/ I pickup Quaylyn from school everyday except Monday, and today was my day to pick her up. SO with map in hand I made my way into her cafeteria to witness, every table had 1000's of boxed chocolate, a sea of pure dark, milk and creamy chocolate. Ready to be claimed!!  Quaylyn was the top seller in her school (or dare I say her mother was the top seller) hehe  Anyway...I asked the lady who looked official and she asked which class and which teacher. I told her and then told her my grand-daughters name "Quaylyn" :D (proud grandma moment) lol  Then the official lady said "I knew you were going to say that, did you know she was our top seller here at school?" "WoW she is?" I replied  "Then off we go" says the official lady, "We have a cart for you!!!"  A CART!!!!! Oh Hellllll no!! I nearly crapped....(I know TMI, I did say I can get a little colorful here) hehe  So, then we proceeded to the pile on the table, which BTW took up most of the table! She told me to go pull my car around and then we could load it easier. So I did. I could hardly wait to get it home!  M-M-M-M-M right???? A big FAT WRONG! And I'll tell you why....

I actually thought, for a moment that I was going to throw caution to the wind and come home and have myself a chocolate frenzy until I went into a coma. BUTT instead I came home and had 4 pieces, 2 peanut butter and 2 chocolate covered caramels.  I know that is a lot for a diabetic but in actuality it is quite safe. BUTT the big thing was I got sick to my stomach after I ate them. I am even nauseous while I am typing this. I am not actually sure why, it might be that I am stressing a bit on the surgery and my stomach is upset on the other hand it just might be that I find chocolate disgusting and repulsive now!!  YA RIGHT!!  Well in keeping with the WW credo "Less is More" (I made that up) hehe

After all....Halloween is coming!! bwhahahahahaha



Lesia said...

Your grand daughter has a cool name is she named after you And way the hustle on the sell of the most boxes sold! Hope you are feeling better now. Try to have a good weekend.

MommaSaid said...

Well, how about a blessing in disguise?

It's not all that uncommon for the human body (or maybe just mine?) to "hate" the goodies it once enjoyed. Maybe, the healthier you eat, the happier your body gets?