Friday, August 21, 2015


What the heck? I am so mad at myself. I thought I was doing good. But I am up 4 pounds. So now I am 260. I would have been 261, but I lost a pound from last night. I feel the need to get on that scale everyday. I need to stop doing that.  I understand this is going to take some time. Butt, Butt my Butt is still big! lol  

Ok I'll stop beating myself up here. I'll keep telling myself slow and steady wins the race. Only this isn't a race. It's a life choice to change my ways. And eat smart not eat like I never will get that piece of cake, or piece of pie again. Some days it's so hard to keep that in my thoughts. and heart. I actually have thoughts of "what the heck, just be a fat grandma, who's going to care." What? Really? My grand kids and kids will care when I have an early death due to being an elephant grandma. hehe  SO, "YES" people care and people want me here. 

Alright I had me some of a very miniature watermelon. Their so cute. Their the size of a toy ball. I get them at Smith's for .99 cents each. What a bargain! Okay, I am going to get some things done in my room and then come back and post some of favorite low calorie, low fat recipes. They'll be under my recipe page. Until later all you fellow fatties...peace out!

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