Saturday, August 22, 2015

O' Happy Day

OMG! I am so pumped... I am now officially 257!! YAY me! I have really been keeping track of what it is I am eating and how much. I'm not weighing my food or eating anything special. just eating in moderation. I eat what I make for my family just less than what they eat. I guess I have already made myself clear on how I eat in previous posts. Butt I thought I would remind myself and those who are reading this for the first time.  :) I have to say weight loss is an up hill battle with sprinkles of smooth climbing. 

Now, what have I been eating you ask? Just to name a few things, I have eatin' roast beef, w/carrots, potatoes, gravy, corn on the cob, chicken, watermelon, cantaloupe, peanut butter, honey, bread to name a few. Just smaller portions. I figured if my BFF can stay thin eating what she eats. I can do the same. And she doesn't starve herself at all. 

So their you have it. A wonderful way to start the day. It makes me all the more motivated today to keep it up. OK THIN HERE I COME!! Here's a picture of my BFF, my scrapping buddy and laughing buddy. Patrice!

 Oh man I look terrible..hehehehe

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