Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Day of Failure

Sadness has struck here in my house. :( Nothing dangerous, just plain ol' over eating. Poo. :( I make my food to yummy. I guess it's dry dog food for now. The end...hehehe j/k 

None the less I feel like a total failure today. Here's my menu of what I had to eat today.  And you should know the amount was over the limit. (whatever that means) 
1. starting from breakfast- Oatmeal w/ canned milk, watermelon, a lot of it.
2. spaghetti w/meat sauce, buttered green beans
3. mini spooners w/milk (vitamin D)
4. a small corner (2") of chocolate cake that I look at I really didn't do so bad. And the amounts really weren't HUGE. I over did it with the melon. I was stuffed. Bla! A small plate with spaghetti on it with a small amount of meat sauce. I thought it was over the limit. I think the cake threw me. Sooooo Hell let's celebrate!! toot toot  :)

Now that I look at my day it has been good and enjoyable. Isn't it awful when we make one little decision to eat more or something we think we're not suppose to have. We beat ourselves up. I felt like I had failed. And actually thought awww forget it.  I can't do this. This is why I do this blog. To put my thoughts on paper (so to speak) Then it makes me look back over the day. And see what I have done. I could lie and make this blog rock...but I know that's dumb. What will I be gaining with a list of lies. NOTHING! I am 58 and would like to live long and happy. As well as move around like a regular person. It's hard for me to go up the stairs. Let alone walk around a mall or go shopping for any length of time.  Good grief!  hehe

Sooo Here starts my list of why I want to be thinner. 
1. be healthier
2. be prettier
3. be able to walk around
4. not sweat
5. possibly get rid of my diabetes
6. be able to climb a flight of stairs
7. take my grand kids swimming (this is a big one)

Just a start of things. I know I will add to it as the days and weeks go by. Butt, their ya have it. "Quay's list of thin wishes" SO tomorrow I will get on the scale and see what the damage is. And hopefully it's not to bad. Either way I will move forward to a smarter day tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by...

"pork is good just not on me!"

Me and 3 of my grand babies..I love these kids so much. They need a thinner grandma too. hehe

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