Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More Weight Loss

So...I am one more pound down!  And I think I have hit my stopping spot. Now it's going to take real effort to lose my "chub". It has saddened me to know it is going to get hard so soon. :(  I would much rather continue on the downward path in weight loss tonnage I was on.  :) 

Butt, this is not about being skinny quick, fast and in a hurry. So, I will suck it up tomorrow and make it work. Portion control, eating slower, then no late night snack eating. It's a good thing I'm poor and can't buy a lot of snacks to eat, so that's a bonus. :) Butt wait, I know how to bake and cook, wonderfully I might add! hehe I could be tempted to bake me some goodies! Ya right.... I'm to old and tired to bake. So, I guess that solves that worry. 

One of my favorite things to eat is strawberry yogurt. Mmmm I could eat that everyday. In fact I have done that in the past. I am working on control this time around. So I am refraining from eating yogurt like a person drinks water. (I could so drink yogurt in place of water) hehe I only have yogurt with breakfast now. 

So, it is fair to say I am still struggling, but by no means ready to give up the fight. I know eventually I know I have to exercise. :( This I hate with a passion. Going through menopause right now makes for a very sweaty workout. :(  My daughter and I use to go to the gym and do water aerobics. But, she closed her account. And sadly I must do the same. So we're talking old fashioned exercise. Bla! hehe Butt, I am not giving up. I have a flight of stairs in my house I can utilize for an exercise regime. So, having said that...I'm still on the weight loss train headed for sexy-ville! lol Hang in their with me people the best is yet to come. 

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