Thursday, August 13, 2015

Yea I Lost Some Weight

Howdy all...or should I say good afternoon? :D Anyway I have good news! Yep I have lost some tonnage. hehe  Before I started back posting here I had been watching what I was eating...mostly here and there. I still made the mistakes. :(  But all in all I managed to lose eight pounds. Ahhhhhh!!! Awesome eh? I have stepped on the scale twice since my last entry and to my chagrin...I went from 265 to 259. Then days later I stood on the scale and whoa! Baby! I lost 2 more pounds. Eight pounds! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. Well, ok I can...

I am not even hungry. :D What a great week this started out to be. I am truly, going to keep this up. When I get down to the 240's I know I will have to start some sort of exercise. :( BUTT, it will make my BUTT a better looking one. hehe SO yippee and who-raw!!!  

My daughter has an elliptical machine. So I will probably head over there to use that from time to time. For now I am going to walk up and down my two flights of stairs. Start out slow and then go a little faster each time. Then go longer and then be a sexy mama...  :D just sayin'

 Here are a couple of pictures of me...don't mind the wrinkles!  :D I am going to be 59 in October so I suppose I should have some. hehe Anyway, these are for the before and then I will take some of up and coming. 

Their ya have it...looking chubby tired eh? Time for a nap!  :D

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