Monday, August 10, 2015

Having some trouble...

    Good Evening! I am almost ready for bed. And figured I should write in my blog. Let's see, since I'm on a diet....:D I should tell you what I ate today. Peanut butter sandwich with honey...:( two of them...Double :( :( I know this might be hard to believe, but I forgot I was dieting.  No really...I did. It sounded good...I saw bread, opened up the peanut butter. Spread a blob on the bread...added honey and got me the only diet thing I had...a glass of water. Ya...I know peanut butter sandwiches are better with milk. I ran out of milk the night before. hehehe So I proceeded to eat the sandwich. Yum...and more Yum! Bla! I have something to confess, made another sandwich. :( Hey, I did drink water..doesn't that account for something? I know..your right...NO! it does not account for something. Bla! 

     BUTT...I got my act together and put together a dinner I could eat. In fact the whole family could eat. I made "Chicken and Tomatoes" VERY diet..right? I know! I have three men here in my house. Two are my sons...and one is my brother. My mom also lives with me. Anyway, got off track a bit. I put everything in the crock pot and cooked it for eight hours. The Chicken fell apart like butter. the tomatoes turned into a wonderful sauce. I added carrots and
Zucchini to it salt and pepper and some old bay spices. Ooo Doggy! All over rice. A complete meal in a pot. What? You want the recipe? ummm Okay. It will be in my recipe file here tomorrow. As I am ready for bed, and know I would make mistakes typing it. SO tomorrow it is! 

    What else did I do today? Ohh I babysat my two grandaughters. My oldest son and his little wife came over and I got to hold the newest addition to our family. Vanden Jacob (named after daddy) The baby even got his picture taken with GG. (great grandma) I'll post pictures tomorrow as well. Then my son came here after work and took the Ford 4-wheel drive home. Sad but excited for Byron. Some of you may not knowthat my husband dies two years ago. And the 74' Ford 4-wheel drive was his pride and joy. So when he died my second son asked if he could have the truck. Byron knew all about that truck. And so I said it should go to him. Well today we finally got it in Byron's name and I watched him drive into the sunset, with his two daughters in the truck. I was sad to see it go. But happy to see Byron happy. And it's still in the family. 
Wa La! 

OK..where was I (sniff) :D Oh ya. We had fun with the baby and litening to the boys talk and the girls fawn all over the baby. It was a great afternoon. So everyone left and I got dinner on the table. and boy was it good. We enjoyed all the flavors and the chicken just melted in your mouth. drool drool... hehehe SO now that I have written in my blog tonight, I am feeling very motivated. So high five to a better tomorrow! Look for the recipe and pic's on the next post tomorrow. Alright, I am off to bed because I feel my eyeballs starting to burn. A few eye drops will take care of that. So good-night and pleasant dreams.

  Feeling a litte chubby tired...Quay

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