Thursday, September 13, 2012

YaY!!! I'm thinner!

SO....I have not entered anything here since March. Well a lot has happened since then. We have moved, moved my mom and my husband became very ill and still is. I got my knee replaced. And I am still working on the old chub loss. Geeez! Things are getting back to a much more normal pace these days. I hope to get things back to a S-L-O-W pace so I can scrap a lot more. I have a ton of pics to do !

OK... the last couple of times I wrote here I was 265.... WOoooWEeee  Well good news now is I am now down to.... wait for it........ 244 yep...I'am slowly but surely still losing!! I can hardly stand it. So here is an updated shot of me .... (I'm the skinny one), and my BFF! hehehe
 It's coming off slow...but it is staying off. I found some really huge pics of me. I will have to scan them and load them up here. Kind of a before and mid way thingy!  Alright everyone...if there is still anyone out there!! I'll be back sooner than last!!!

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