Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Content in Utah...NOT TRUE!!!

So it's been awhile...well a long while. OK so it's been over a year!!! I've been content to be fat!!! Well, I shouldn't say that. I've been running on both ends of the candlestick. I've been taking care of my sick hubby, my elderly Mother and my blind brother. Now who wouldn't want this job??? Well actually I'm ok with it. I've made things a bit easier. I moved my Mom and brother in shortly after my husband passed away. It was going to be easier for all of us money wise and easier for me to take care of them. So now having said that....I got to thinking I would like to get back to my blogging and my weight loss. I have gained, lost and gained. So it's time to do something for me. Annnnnyway.....get ready for a fun, wild 2014!!! Cuz' you can't have fun at my house unless your insane!!!! Talk to you all tomorrow!!!!

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