Saturday, January 4, 2014

Here Piggy, Piggy!!!

Howdy fellow fatties!!! Is that to harsh? Well, aren't we fat? I wouldn't have a blog about weight loss if I was thin!!! Hmmmm well maybe I would. So OK it's harsh!! lol
Alright, so who is on track with their weight loss? I was...but those darn holiday's! Well also that darn will power, I loast mine along the from Christmas to New Year's. So, 10 pounds heavier, I am here to say I am back on track.
I am being honest and calling this bump what is ..… I ate like a pig! Yep, pumpkin pie only comes once a year and I was not going to miss out on lushes, real whip cream beatin' to the right consistency. And piled high on the sweet decadent pumpkin pie...chilled to perfection!!!  OMG!!! Let me just say thias,,,oink oink!!! lol

Come back tomorrow to see what happens next!!!
Mrs. Oink-a-lita!!!


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