Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Losing in Utah!

Good Evening fellow fatties!!! How are we doing on our weight loss goals? I am still trying to get the last 5 pounds off from Christmas!!! Boohooo!! :(

Butt my plan is working!! Tonight was a bit tough. I made pancakes for dinner. Butt, I did only eat 3 small pancakes with  bit of butter and homemade syrup! Yay, for Me huh??? Thank you! I also felt snacky so I ate 3 cutie oranges. It was very sweet and satisfying. My snacky feeling went away! Not: Cutie's are a plus....pluse size satisfaction! Your Welcome!

What is my weight loss number? Well I am 244 right now. I would be very happy at 160! Yes sir ree!! So I have 84 pounds to lose! Not to hard I have already lost 30 pounds. So I'm pulling up my BIG girl panties and going for gold!!! Watch me win! Good night my friends!

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