Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hangs Her Head In Shame

Alas...I am ashamed to even be here.  I have fallen of the wagon so to speak.  I am getting back on the horse or wagon if you will... For several reasons:
1.  I am still fat.
2.  I am having knee surgery.
3.  I want to wear cool clothes AGAIN!!
4.  I need this blog to help me stay in line.

Their I said it... Whew!  I feel better already.  On reason I haven't been here is my hubby got real sick one night and I called an ambulance and off he went to the hospital. Not more than hour there. They pulled him  into surgery. They had told me he might not make it thru' the surgery! :(  Now about an hour and a half I got to go see him. Then I found out he had diverticulitis.  And they took a foot and a half of his small intestine out! eeewwwww  And for those that are wondering....YES he had a poop bag put on.  I even had to learn how to put one on and clean it out. Another eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww. lol  Actually it wasn't so bad.  You do these kind of things for the ones you love. And I really like gutts!! hehehe I should of been a Doctor!! :D

 Ok next topic...My daughter and I are back on Weight Watchers and hope to be a size minus 14 by summer!  OK, so maybe I am expecting to much. lol  But shouldn't I aim high?  Or should I keep my expectations low so I don't get crushed. lol  Well, one way or the other I need to lose the rest of my chub!

My biggest problem with losing weight, is the damn exercise. grrrr  I have a robo knee in my left leg, and soon another robo knee will put  in my right leg. So getting down on the floor is a definite "NO"  Once you get the metal knees you can't kneel on them. So no doggie leg lift's!! :D I know...I know...their is plenty of things I can do that is called exercise. :D   So having said that I will...I will do the stand up kind of exercise!
X-my heart and hope to get thin! hehe  So Team Sadler is armed and ready to go !!!!!!  I will report back tomorrow at 1300 or 1100 or some sort of 100 hours. Just check in often. lol  I will be back tomorrow. 
Hang in their with me!!

p.s. I have loaded a picture of me on the 4th of all can see how chub looks on a holiday! hehe

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