Monday, February 20, 2012

Hello all my Weight Conscience Friends! how has everyone done this week?  So far I'm at the same weight I was last week. Bla!  Ohhh you want to know how much I weigh?  hmmmm' are we really BFF's?  Alright, alright slow down.....wait for it......265!  Their I said it, I'm not happy about it, but I said it. Man...WWWWWHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! That's what my grandson says when he doesn't get his way. I thought I might try it and see if it gets me what I want!!!  So ever think what you do want when you lose your chub?  What do I want? Well if ya have to know, I want to be 125 pounds.  I weighed that when I was a senior. And don't you think being and LOOKING like you did back in your youth, would be GREAT????   Oh man think of the possibilities... mine would be-
1.  NO wrinkles...anywhere!

2.  Boobs that don't touch my knees when I sit down!

3.  A lap that my grand-kids can actually sit on.

4.  Brown hair again...(even my hair is fat) :D

5.  I could ride my bike and you could actually see the seat while I'm riding. Not a pole up my A$$!!

6.  Beautiful teeth, well heck just some teeth in the first place! *wink*

7.  Be able to fit in a booth at a restaurant, comfortably! Not have the table jammed into your gutt!!!

 8.  Just some sexy panties eh?  Not underpants you can jump from a plane with and use them as a parachute.

9.  Dimples on my cheeks, and I mean the ones on your face, not the tens of thousands on your other cheeks!

10. And lastly my Memory back....(it's fat too) being 55 has it's good moments, but it also has it's bad moments as well. So let's raise a glass of diet water and say three cheers to losing weight and hopefully getting our wish list answered by the PHAT fairy!!!!!!!!    Cheers everyone!!

p.s. I have posted a couple pic's of my days when I was young and had tight skin, long brown hair, and the world was my oyster....(what does that mean anyway?) OK prepare to be shocked! lol

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