Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Plodding Along

I feel like I am in slow motion... m-o-v-i-n-g-e-v-e-r-s-o-s-l-o-w-l-y!  Day after day I get on the scale, one pound down, then the next day one pound up. I'm thinking I would like to be a man!! They lose so darn fast, and steady!!  My brother already looks hot, even with no hair!! hehehe I can say that becuz' he doesn't do blogs. So he will never see mine! A_N_Y_W_A_Y.....

I am still motivated, just tired. However, I did go swimming twice yesterday. Did laps the first time! Played with grand kids the second time, which felt like I did laps! LOL  So I am stoked about that. My 1x clothes fit rather good lately. And that keeps me focused. I know this is going to take more time, and after all I have lost over 70 pounds, since I started this journey.  I must find some of my really super fat pictures and put them on here. That is if I have any. I may have said "Don't snap that picture" you know when that camera comes out you duck and cover. Like that blanket is going to make me look thinner! hehe

SOooo keep your chin up or your chins, which ever the case may be!!!  And keep plodding along!!

SO here is The Queen of fat pictures. This is when I was 336 pounds! Yikes!! Pretty sad eh?


julielopez3 said...

wow Quay you have come a long way. You are looking great!

Lesia said...

I have been missing you at the meetings and on the blog. Are you ok?