Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hello....I know I am losing followers!! Waaa! I have been tending grandkids and well, I think you all know what that means! :\  So here is the latest...I am stuck where I was last time. I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off and well that isn't enough I guess. poo!

My mom bought one of those exercise chairs that twist and bend and works out all of your gut while you sit on your butt! (I know it rhymes) hehe  So do you think I make time to sit on it? Heck no....I'd rather be looking up The Monkees info! I am re-living my past teen years. hehe  Mike was my fav!!  Now here is the really cute part.  My granddaughter is starting to like the monkees too! hehe She sings along with the music and even asked to watch one of the shows today! bwhahaha  Ya gotta love that!!

NEWS FLASH!! I am also turning into a coupon grandma!! I have been watching the show on TLC and I am hooked.  I have gone shopping 2 times so far and loved loading up my cart and watching the coupons deduct the original price.  WONDERFUL!

SO ya see I have been a very busy person these days. Much to busy to lose weight!! hehe  BUTT...I am still here aren't I?  So my desire is weak but alive!! I may just need a shock to my thinking so I can get back on track!! Speaking of, I am not doing that!! hehe

Ciao fellow chubbers!!


MommaSaid said...

Well, I'm still here and reading.... and your Follower widget section seems to have disappeared! Err?

Quay said...

I'll check it out ok? And thanks for following! hehe