Thursday, March 18, 2010

Number 14 is the Charmer!!

14? What's with the number 14... Well This is the 14th time I have joined Weight Watchers during my lifetime. Sounds like a ton of failures doesn't it? Well I'll tell you what, this is the last time I will join weight watchers and fail. My dear sweet brother has come to my aid. I know he would want this to be our little secret but I have to tell him THANK YOU for all the help he has done so far for my 14th and final time I join weight watchers. bla bla bla bla...ok enuff'

Let's get down to business...this is my 3rd week and I lost 6 pounds..count them...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 pounds! :D the second week I lost a huge .8 pounds!! yeehaw!! hehe Ok I know a loss is a loss. But hey guys I have to lose a whole person!! Anyway, I have stayed on plan for 2 weeks and enjoyed every minute of it. I have felt full, and satisfied. So on that note, before I lose all my weight in one week, here is my fat picture, or if you prefer...before pic!! I plan on taking pictures every 25 pounds just so I can see the change. And I am posting it here for the whole world to see..yep you heard me I am sharing my chub with the world, somebody has to have it, I no longer want it!! :D Ok picture #1.

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