Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thin 0 Chub 1

Man I have had a hard time this week. I've been really busy so I have not tracked as well as I should have. And I have craved more sweets than normal. I know I am going through menopause, and that may have something to do with the whole sweet craving thing. But, hey I am feeling really down on myself here. Waaaaa This week I feel deprived. Why? I am not sure.

But...(everyone has a big but) what movie is that line from? Come on...think!!! Peewee's big adventure people!! I love that line! All right I'll be serious. If you have any ideas (not that anyone is reading this) please post them for me. SO I am off to re-group. I need to get back in the groove. No more fat, no more fat, say it with me.... no more fat!! Okie Dokie I will see ya all on Thursday!
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Christy said...

I know how you feel. I like to eat an orange to curb my sweet attacks. Sometimes I have will power and I can buy w.w. ice cream for those moments but there are time I will eat all of them so I have to be careful. But you know another trick I have is if the sweet attack is unbarable and I know I will eat everything in sight I go pick up some w.w. chocolates. They are 1 pt each and the package hold 5-6 pieces. I know I will eat the whole bag so I just count those points for the day and go for it. You can find them easily at Walgreens.