Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who's Winning?

Ok, so I went to meeting last week. And I am up .4 pounds!!! Can you believe it??? *cough cough* Well, I can. :D Last week was sooper dooper pooper hard! I wanted to eat everything in sight. I had some cheese, not WW cheese....the really good kind. You know the kind that melts on a "White" tortilla. And the oil drips down you hand when you bite into it, kind, :( *sigh* What an oink-a-lita!! lol BUT, I have found new strength this week. I don't like seeing my little book with a + sign in it. And thank goodness it was only .4 lbs.. :D I can live with that, if I have too!

Now onto my new found strength! What could it possibly be you ask? I have decided when things get really hard, and I want to eat that piece of cake, or eat that cookie. I have to have equal amounts of activity points!! So, I get up and mooooove!! lol I have some arthritis in my knees so I load up on Motrin and begin my routine. Right now the only routine I have is walking until I feel the burn in my butt. Yep you heard me, I actually feel the desire to exercise. I know, I was just as shocked as you are!! LOL

SO this weeks goal is to keep movin' and weigh in with a - in my little book. I am 279.4 right now and I really would like to see a 3 pound drop!! Wish me luck, or better, keep me in your prayers! :D
Thanks for droppin' by


Sam said...

You are hiliarous!! I go to Kris' 6:00 mtg on Thursday nights. When do you go? I'd love for you to stop by my blog if you want, it's not as funny as yours, but hopefully you'll enjoy it! Keep up the good work!!

Christy said...

This week I had a +4.2 added to my book. *sigh* no fun. Although I have to say that the sinking feeling of seeing all the + in my little book has gotten me to stay on track. Really hoping I can find the drive, the excitement, the longing to lose that I had in the begining of my journy. At one point I was down 45 lbs. As of now I am down 22 lb. Going the wrong direction. I will pray for you I hope you can pray for me too.