Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So I normally write on here the day I weigh in. Well, I need advise so I came to the one person I can count on. YOU!! Sooooooo

I am beside myself. Which could actually be true considering I have a whole person to lose. Ok I won't be so negative!! But crap...I am going to lose my mind. I have bought one of my favorite cereals. "Special K's yogurt and berries". And what do you all say??? Oh ya sure back out now when I need you the most! :D All right, you might say something along the lines of "Good choice of cereals" or "I love that cereal" "Don't you just want to eat the whole box?" Can you believe someone would actually said that to me??? um...ya, now I have messed up my whole day, because I took your advise and ATE the whole box today!! Arrrggghhhhhhhh!! Not in one sitting mind you, I took the whole day to eat it. Doesn't that help? Well according to the points tracker it took up 23 points of my 34. And I may have added it wrong, in my special K stupor! Why does it have to taste so good? And why is it so easy to buy? You'd think something as addicting as this is, it would be against the law. The law that catches you and throws the book at you. Locks you up in a room with other offenders! I need some rehab!!!! *wink*

ok I am making fun of it all, but I do really feel like most of what I said was real. Ok, crap....the only part that is for real is the part where I wrote "I ate the whole box" LOL I know some days are going to be harder, but I have noticed that I still track no matter how much I slip up. I need to think about this and see where I can improve. Hey thanks for reading. And to that pretend person that said "Don't you just want to eat the whole box?" My answer is still YES!!! (just doesn't mean I have too!) :D See ya tomorrow night!! Big weigh in!!

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Christy said...

I am right there with you. I love love love cereal. I love lots of different cereals. And to make matters worse I have a teenage boy that eats tons of cereal. Some cereals are not good for me to have in the house. Captain Crunch I don't even use milk or a bowl. Shredded mini wheats with strawberry frosting. Oh the list can go on and on. I have had to stop buying those cereals that call to me when the house is silent and I am bored. I do have some that I can buy and I love them but they don't whisper "eat me" such as honey nut cheerios. That way when I just need a bowl I have those to run to. Good luck with your weigh in. BTW I am Christy I go to Wednesday evenings first meeting in WVC with Kris. That's how I heard about this blog. Good luck with your weight loss. :)

~Lesia and Clay~ said...

I love my Quaker Oatmeal (the new True Delights brand) every morning. It is only 2 points and it is very tasty. I put my 1 serving of healthy oil in it too. I prefer not to put milk over it and they have different flavors to boot. My favorite is the wild blueberry muffin. It has 5 grams of protein in it which helps with the weight loss too. I never really liked cereal cause I really hate the taste of milk, I know I am weird. I go to the Thursday night WJ meetings. I will be following your blog now so watch out...LOL