Thursday, April 1, 2010


Can you guess how my weigh in went tonight? -5.2 pounds this week!! Forgive me a moment...I rock!! LOL *cough cough*

Ok let's move on to tonight's meeting. I have officially moved from the back row to the middle row! I actually raised my hand and spoke tonight too! :D SO, are you all wondering "how did you do it this week.?" *wink* Ok, let me tell ya. I drank very little water, I ate 12 donut holes and 3 pancakes with maple syrup. I had beans and franks, an apple, some weight watcher dinners (OMG the mac & cheese is to die for) oh and I drank some peach juice and a few bites of marshmallow mateys. What a diet eh? LOL But the one thing I did do, was track every thing I ate good and "ALL" the not so good. And kept my day within my daily amount. When my points were gone, well then they were gone. I also did my walking. Now mind you my walking consists of a 10 minute walk over to my sons house in the morning to babysit my 2 grand-daughters. OMG...I am so surprised that I wasn't found face down in the snow this morning frozen as hard as a weight watcher fudgecicle! But somehow I made it and thawed out and began my day. Ok I lost my train of thought...LOL

And here is a kicker...I actually get cold now!! Usually I am sweatin' like a fat girl on her first date!! Even in the winter. I haven't bought a real coat in 20 years. A jacket or sweater was always sufficient enough. So this coming winter, (like in November, not "THIS" winter today!) *wink* I will actually be able to buy a real coat!! And some gloves, and maybe a hat or two!! OMG A whole winter ensemble!! LOL :D Now I have totally lost my train of thought...mention new clothes and I go gaga!!

Ok I am going to bed a much lighter woman tonight, and loving every minute of it!!
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Sam said...

CONGRATS on your success!!! That is so fantastic, tracking really does work! I wanted to chat after meeeting, but I had to run and meet my Sister-in-law. Next week! By the way, thanks for the comments on my blog, you're so sweet! Keep up the good work!!!

Christy said...

Good job, that is fantastic. Don't you love when you get to see your hard work pay off. Keep it you. You are inspiring

julielopez3 said...

Congrats! That is a great week! Funny how tracking really is one of the big keys that we sometime refuse to use to our advantage. I can't wait to buy a cute coat this coming winter too!

Quay said...

Thanks so much you guys!!! I do love a good payoff!!