Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Day Another Struggle

Hi People...I want to tell all of you thank you for all the input on exercise. I have decided to do some yoga until the pool is up and running. Then laps in the pool.

OK...on Wednesday's I always have this rush of anxiety Eeep! Have I lost enough weight to show up on the scale? Have a lost any weight at all? My scales always weigh me 2 pounds lighter. And that is wonderful until I go to my Thursday night meetings. Sooooo I do the weirdest thing. I feel like I have to starve myself until Thursday!!! ACK! I know I is not good to do that. So I won't!

Ok another struggle... here's a thought... "Can a person live on WW desserts for those times all you want is sweets?" I have been craving sweets this week. Maybe it's me being addicted to sugar... Maybe it's me becuz' I have deprived myself of sweets for to long... Maaaaaaaybe I'm pregnant and I am craving sweets... (god help me if I am) hehe I can just here the headlines... "Elderly Woman Finds Herself Pregnant at Age 53" Yikes!! more struggle... Seein's how I hate to sweat....are they going to have some A/C going in that room Thursday night? LOL Well I am bringing my portable fan so I can be cool. Becuz' sweating is not a pretty sight!

Ok enough of the struggles!! I am still motivated and ready to go!! Chub 0 ME 10 :D


Sam said...

I do funny things too. On Thursdays I try to eat "lite" foods, as in weight! And I don't eat or drink anything after about 2:30. And I wear the lightest clothes I have. It's a mind game, but... oh well. :) I have suggestion for the sweets. You need more minerals and vitamins. It's a known fact that if you are having cravings, it's because your body is short on one of those (usually it's minerals). I sell some amazing products in this area, so if you're interested, let me know (about $18 + tax for what I'm thinking for you). If not, that's okay! Find yourself some minerals and every time you have a craving, take some. You'll find that your cravings will go away!

~Lesia and Clay~ said...

The anxiety was too much for me to wait til Thursday evenings. So I am now going and weighing in Thursday mornings but going to the meetings that night. So far its ok. I have a scale that I weigh myself on that is 1 pound lighter than the one at WW. Every night I weigh myself just to keep in check. It never fails on like Wednesday or Tuesday it shows a good loss but by Thursday (on my scales)its like I had a brick in me that is causing the scales to read more. So that's what the WW scales says too. If I was thinking smart I should RUN to the office when I get a low reading at home so it looks like I am losing more.LOL I also wear the lightest clothes on weigh in. And it seems like when I was weighing in on Thursday nights OI wouldn't eat anything other than breakfast. NOT GOOD! Now I don't have that problem cause I weigh in and then go home and eat my normal days meals.

julielopez3 said...

What games we play with the scale/oops I mean what games we let the scale play with our brains! I have even weighed my clothes to find the lightest ones. And if you wear an underwire it is (or mine is .2 on the ww scale) so I don't wear underwire to weigh in. Heck I have even thought about going camando and ditching th panties too.. lol I do the same eat light and dont't drink after 3. Tonight I'm going crazy cause I lost my tracker. I am praying it is sitting on my desk at work. See you all Thursday.. Oh everyone BYOF! (fan)