Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thumbs Down to Exercise!!

Let me just start by saying...."I HATE TO EXERCISE" I hate it!! I really do. And I know I should be doing it. I talked a big talk about getting ready for the walk-a-thon, and I meant it in my heart of heart's back then. BUTT....I can't get mine up and walking. My number one complaint about exercise is I hate to sweat. I positively hate to sweat! It doesn't feel good, it doesn't look good and it most certainly doesn't smell good! So, what do you do? I heard a lady at one of my earlier meetings say how much she hated to exercise, then she went on to say what she did and then I got lost in my own thoughts. (A.D.D. moment) Argh!

Walking really does hurt both my knees. After chasing kids all day I am ready for a wheel chair by night time. SO Running, jogging or walking are out of the question. Hmmmmm I thought about yoga, something I could watch on my computer would be nice. But does that help you lose weight? Will I move enough to really make a change? Our pool will be ready at the end of May. And I know I can do that. But, here is the funny thing about swimming (which I love, love, love) I have never swam as a chubby grandma. :D Last year my hubby and I swam together, and all I could do was doggy paddle. It was the first time I had been in a pool since High School. uh heard me....High School!!! 35 years ago I was a good swimmer and taught little cub scouts to swim. And could do flip turns and everything!!! Waaaaaaaaa LOL I guess getting in the pool is an option. I don't mind being a chubby grandma swimming in a pool, what are people going to say, huh? Look at that fat grandma swimming? It could happen!!! LOL

So Ok...I have answered my own question. I will look up some yoga for the elderly!!! hehe And get in the pool when it is ready!

So in my weird world of wet chub-dum at least I will have a great tan!!! :D eh?


~Lesia and Clay~ said...

The exercise equipment that I totally would recommend to anyone who has pain in their joins, their back hurts or they are not able to move very easy is a bike like I have. My family bought me an exercise bike that has a fat seat for my big butt, and it has a very comfortable back on the seat for back support. It has an easy access entry which means you step through the bike not climb up on it. And lastly the pedals are out in front of you not under you. Which makes it much easier to ride. I love love my NordicTrack bike. It was a slow process for me to get the level of exercising I can do now. But I know if I can do it ANYONE can. (I suffer with MS and have been in a wheel chair for 14 years). If you want you can come try my bike anytime to see if you like it. It has a fan to help you stay cooler (less sweating) and the tension can be zero and goes up from there. It has a lot of different programs from weight loss to aerobic. Talk to me at the WW meeting this Thursday if you are interested. I don't work and I live in WJ. Hang in there you will find something that will work for you. I did and I am happy I did.

julielopez3 said...

Quay, I hear you about the exercise. It was a hard habit to get into. I have been working out 6 days a week since Sept (except for the 2 weeks I was sick in feb/mar)I am so addicted to it now.(guess it's my addictive personality)
I love to sweat. I just think of it as the fat melting off of my body. I have Biggest Loser Yoga DVD. Yoga is a workout and you do sweat (at least I do) But when you are done it feels so GOOD. I think your idea of swimming sounds good. I used to love water arobics. That would be fun if a bunch of us from WW could find a place to take them together. Good Luck you will find something that you like even if you have to try a couple of things.

LlamaMama said...

Water aerobics is always an option. I too have MS and keeping cool is best. You also don't know when you are sweating (bonus). Whenever I participate in WA i never know how hard I have worked until the next day. Good luck and try anything to keep you moving.