Friday, April 16, 2010

A New Day!!

Alrighty folks, I am posting my daily activity and menu here. SO all of you can see it is truly a new day and beginning.

Ok..I got out of bed at 6:00am to go babysit grandkids. Got over there and started getting hungry. Well there was nothing in the fridge, good that is! :D SO I thought "just get the kids fed" So cocoa marshmallow mateys. (good thing I hate those, well the chocolate part anyway) lol So I got the kids some cereal. OMG I couldn't stand it!! I told myself walk away from the cereal, Crap! You guessed it!! I ate the biggest marshmallow out of there bowl I could find!!! What a weakling!!! :D SO I waited until we got home so I could eat. Yehaaaaw!!! (happy dance all around) So here is what I had.
1 cup macaroni & cheese YUM!! 9 point!s And a slice of bread. 2 points! I know, I know it could be better, but when your hungry you eat what can be cooked quickly!! *begins to blush* Annnnnywayyyyyy LOL I'll post lunch when I get done eating it! LOL

BREAKING NEWS: Today is a bust. Yep you heard it here first!!! Quay Sadler has totally committed an unspeakable act. I can barely choke the words out...but I will try!! "I *cough* have personally *gag* killed *breaks into tears* my diet!!!!! We cut to her family and see how they feel about it. A....we don't know what she is talking about! Well, you heard it first, I officially blew it!!! Big time!!! Kicked it in the ar$$ and do I feel guilty??? No!! I promised my self going into this, it is not about feeling less than or guilty becuz' I ate an extra this or that. It's about trying to live my life as normally as possible and lose weight too!! I am normal, most days. And I usually do very good. But when your tired, and I was, I left my body and LOL no that isn't true. I just crapped out!! I ate the rest of the Twizzlers and my hubby's last two slices of puffy dough and all, pizza!! Ya it's true!! I did it and I am perfectly ok with it. Tomorrow is a new day!

SOoooooooooo in the weird world of my chub-dum I swear I will never eat............anything I dislike!!!!! LOL

SEE ya tomorrow!!!

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~Lesia and Clay~ said...

Good job on not eating the cereal and just eating 1 marshmallow! BABY STEPS, I always say!