Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chub +2 Thin a big fat 0

Now before I get started I want to explain something. When I write about my pitfalls and downer moments. I am trying to find the humor in the whole journey. So if it looks like I am beating myself up, I am not. This time with my weight loss routine things have been so exciting and easy (most of the time) *wink* I felt it might be fun to look for the humor in all of it. If anyone can make fun of fat, it's me. I have been a thin person looking at fat people and had plenty to say. And I am so ashamed of myself I could die. And now I am a fat person and have been called the same names I used to insult fat people back in my youth. (hangs head in shame) So, my life goes on and on and on...with a ton of chub to get rid of!! (will sell for a cheap price) :D

And on that note, I went to weigh in tonight and was late for the meeting. I hate that. :( And not to my surprise I went up +2 pounds. I have been dizzy for the last week and thought I was getting some flu or cold or something. Well good news, no cold, the dizzy-ness came from me not using all my points. Now that deserves a huge "DUH"!!! What was I thinking. I'll tell ya what I was thinking.

I was thinking "I'm not hungry, and so I won't eat those 12 extra points" And, I started feeling dizzy and sick to my stomach and thought for sure I had some sort of dieting illness that was going to prevent me from losing my weight. :D LOL

Anyway, 1 veggie lasagna, mac & cheese dinner, and (this is shameful) a half a bag of red licorice later. I am now back on track!!!! LOL Tomorrow is a new day and with a new day I can begin with a fresh look and attitude. So hip hip hurray!! I am back in the saddle again!!!


julielopez3 said...

You have me rolling on the floor. Glad to hear you are back on track tonight after making up for those points. Stick with it, it will come off!

~Lesia and Clay~ said...

I too can feel your humor. It really does not feel like I am on a diet, when I have extra points left, and I have the permission to eat ANYTHING as long as I stay in my points; right? Well that's why when I am NOT hungry I make myself eat ONLY the healthy food choice foods. In my mind it seems more like I am not cheating that way. So hurray for you that you are hanging in there and can see what I obviously can't. Maybe someday I will think its ok to eat off the healthy choice wagon...But until then I am loving the healthy foods that take up my points. You should add my blog to your page and come follow mine. I love your journey and seeing you at the meetings. Chow!

Sam said...

I'm rootin' for ya thin! I know you can wipe the floor with that chub! :)

Christy said...

Good luck this week!!! I have had a crazy couple of weeks and am tring to figure it all out. 2 weeks ago I was up 4.2 cried all the way home; last weeks I was down 4.6, thought to my self "oh good it was just a fluke". This weeks I am up 3.2. SIGH!!!! I don't know what I am doing wrong. Been weighing myself every day since Tuesday and acording to my scale I am down 2 already this week. Been on this journey with WW for 2 1/2 years and this is a first. Never had my weight fluctuate so much.

Quay said...

Thanks you guys! Your the best!