Monday, April 26, 2010

Water Weight Gain

OMG...I swear being a woman is tough!! I have faithfully followed all the rules the last 3 days. And today I get on the scale and what to my wondering eyes should appear...but a huge ol' number, I hate to even say it here. :( On Friday I was I am 275! Can you believe it???? I'm sure you can. After all, we all are woman, well most of us here reading this are! :D Hi Lyle!! hehe

Anyway...I have my Grand-daughter here today so I am chasing her, and that should give me some activity points. BUTT....I am going to do some Yoga tonight just to make sure I burn some of that off. (if in fact it is chub) LOL

Ok so I took a water pill and we'll see what happens! I just read this and I jump around a lot here...oooo ooooo more activity points...right???? *smirk* All-righty, I am off to clean and to be productive today. First I have to look in the fat lady catalog to see what new summer clothes are out!! hehe ciao ladies!!