Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ANOTHER post so soon??? :D

Ya can you believe it??? Here I sit waiting for 2 emails and checking every second to see if they are here! Geeeeeeeezzz :D Ok since I'm hanging out in cyberspace, I thought I would post some of my thoughts for this morning. Warning: I may post again this afternoon!! :D

Alright so I ate a whole box of WW treats right? Now here is what I'll be doing today to prevent any stress and hunger!
1. Buy Oatmeal so I can stay full longer.
2. Eat my salad fixin's.
3. Eat my WW frozen dinners.
4. Tonight have a WW treat before I go to bed!

SO I think I can pull this off. I have bought a new brain...it comes in the form of a black notebook. I write down everythig I need to do or everytime I have a thought or two! (hey that rhymed) So, anyway, my new brain says to buy oatmeal and ink for my printer, or ya and printer paper. So that's how I do it! Seems simple enuff'....BUTT (everyone has a big butt) I will need a 3rd brain to tell me to L@@K at the NEW brain. DO I make myself clear? *little chuckle*

SO stay tuned to see if this plan pans out or Poops out!
In my world of (THIN-DUM) I am wearing my red dress to my hubby's doctors appointment, I'm going to have to be really calm and a loof. I sure don't want him to get distracted and all on account of my new found sexy-ness!!! *whispering* I'll let you know if he hits on me!! K? LOL


Lesia said...

LOL You are way to cute!

Lindsay said...

haha I love it!

senora_x said...

too funny! I love the new look! It's perfect!