Monday, May 17, 2010

STRESS = food Right?

Ok, I am here to confess I ate an entire box of ice cream treats. So what cha' gonna do about it? (your thinking) Right? LOL I feel like a dope! I had the points so I thought I know it is going to make me feel better after I eat it all of them. Not true! I don't feel better. Talking to myself here, feels much better! hehe

All right, Jama time! I am off to bed...And I will be doing better tomorrow! X my heart and hope to die, or stick a needle in my eye! (It's the best I can come up with tonight) LOL

Three cheers for accountability!!!!! :D


MommaSaid said...

Which kind of ice cream treats?

I do a lot of emotional eating, too. It's usually in the form of cakes, cookies and pies. It's funny -- like frustrating funny -- afterward when you can only think, "Well, I guess I sure showed those treats who's in charge, huh?"

I'd love to read what kind of plan you create to help you in those times of stress! It's bound to be a lot more fun and soothing.

Lesia said...

Hang in there. Just remember the skills you have learned at our meetings and you will be fine.

Sam said...

When I do something like this (which I have TOTALLY done) this is what I have found works for me. First step... forgive yourself. Next step... don't buy more... third step... make a plan. Choose something you will do next time that urge hits. For myself, I find if I call a friend, or go for a walk those are my two best shots. Because then I'm either getting out of the house (away from the treats), or my friend can talk me off the ledge. I'm here for you if you need a friend to call! I'll give you my number on Thursday.You got a friend in my babe! :D