Sunday, May 23, 2010

As You Can See..

I have changed my ticker to reflect the full amount I have lost since 2007. I started my weight loss journey way back in the day of fad diet's and starvation frenzy's! But, I have to say nothing has been as successful as going to Weight Watcher's and losing the sensible way. In my 53 years of living, I have done a plethora of weight loss methods.

The fastest one was when I was in high school (I thought I was fat) when my best friend and I spent the entire summer either on our 10 speed bikes or in the pool. When we had nothing better to do we would start our trek to Salt Lake City, via 10 speed which was a little over 20 miles from where our homes were. Almost everyday we would do this. Twenty miles there and twenty miles home. We lived on ice tea, sweet rolls and cheese omelets. Yep you heard me...cheese omelets!! OMG...what was I thinking!! How I long for those sweet rolls...ummm sorry, just, reminiscing, you know...ya that's what I was doing!! Anyway, I realize I can no longer go back to that way of eating and exercising (I would keel over dead) I decided upon another weight loss program.

The Michael Thurman diet, while this worked in the beginning. I later found out I had Diabetes and that was not going to work in accordance with my disease. SO, I went into denial. Not that I was fat, just that I had Diabetes. Bad idea!!! SO the weight that I had lost with the Michael Thurman diet was regained. SO the Depression hit. I was 336 pounds and was slowly becoming a shut in, in my own home. My kids did the grocery shopping. And I would send my daughter to buy my sandals and other variable sundries. I wanted to DIE! I licked my wounds for a year and a half. Then I decided if this was my fate, well so be it..

Meanwhile my feet began to go numb, and I thought it was due to my weight gain and the way I sat at the computer. I finally went to the doctors and she said I had neuropathy in my feet. Basically my nerves were dieing. This is due to my Diabetes. OK time to wake up!! Get a grip and get out of denial. So I struggled, and struggled some more and lost 46 pounds! YAY! I was feeling pretty good! So I struggled some more...and lost 10 more pounds. YAY AGAIN! Well I stayed at 285 forever and was getting defeated yet AGAIN and then I joined Weight Watchers! "For the 14th time" Yep...I should have become a life time member on the amount of times I joined!! LOL This time it is working for me....why you ask? Because I want it to. And I am willing to keep trying despite all my failures. And believe you me, I am having several! But I think mostly I just want to be a happier me! And this makes me happy!

So back to my ticker...I wanted the entire trip to reflect my entire weight loss journey. SO here I am filling in the gaps, somewhat as to where I started and to where I am today. "ON MY WAY TO HAPPINESS AND A NEW WORLD IN THIN-DUM!!!"


karen said...

That's awesome, Quay! I honestly don't know what my heaviest was as I was sooooo not wanting to know. I didn't even buy a scale until several months into actually caring.

julielopez3 said...

Way to go Quay! I had no idea that you had lost that much weight that is AWESOME!

Lindsay said...

Way to go!!! You are so AWESOME :)

Christy said...

you will get their and I can't wait to watch every step of the way.

Lesia said...

What a great idea to track your WHOLE journey. Love it! And by the way, there is an award for you on my blog come get it!

MommaSaid said...

I think that's a perfect way to use a ticker!