Monday, May 24, 2010

The Fabulous Egg White

What can I say about an egg white?? Well let's see....
1. I have used it as a facial mask back in Jr. High School..
2. I have used it as a hair conditioner..
3. I have used it to make my nieces hair stand up in a Mohawk..
4. I was told once it would clean a white leather shoe..
5. I have read they are a good source of protein for a body builder..
6. I have read that one large egg white has 16.700 calories..
7. I have read that an egg white has 0.00 fat..
8. I have a recipe where you whip some egg whites and it makes a pie topping..
9. I'm told you can fold an egg white.. and lastly
10. I know you can beat and egg white.. :)

But the best thing of all is....Yep you've guessed it.... You can EAT an egg white!!! And guess what? It actually tastes yummy!! I just finished a scrambled egg white sandwich. Want the recipe? Ok...

Beat 4 egg whites in a bowl, in a frying pan add a little vegetable oil. Cook on med-low heat flipping (oh hey, another thing you can do with an egg white) *wink* occasionally. In the mean time, toast 2 slices of Sara Lee bread made for the diet community...and add a little ketchup if you like that sort of thing, and devourer!! :D

M-m-m A really yummy and quick breakfast idea. Ok I am off to actually do some exercise, I have too because I am getting flabby. Which is good, but bad in the way I am hanging every where....eeeewwwwwww not a pretty picture. Alrighty all you fellow chubbies...get to watching your food intake today!!



Christy said...

the "flabby" will start to go away with time. I love my egg white and sarah lee bread breakfasts :)

karen said...

Sara Lee really needs to start doing gluten free breads. I bet she'd actually get them to taste good unlike just about every other pre-made loaf out there! (I know, I could also just get off my butt and make my own. Geesh. Everyone's a critic!)