Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fat Feet

Ya...I had fat feet!!! And I say "HAD" :D Ok I'll start over......I ordered some really pretty black heels from the fat lady catalog. And they arrived yesterday. I was so excited!! WOOo HOOo So, when I tried them on they were to BIG!! OMG, could it be? Could I have lost weight on my feet???? Normally I have ordered a 9.5 WW shoe. And they fit. But because of my neuropathy in my feet all I have worn are flip flops. Shoes make my feet get hot which in turns makes my feet hurt like H E double tooth picks!!! Sooooooooooo now I have some better pills to kill the pain and I thought hmmmm maybe I could wear an airy pump with a small heel. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS I can, just not the fat ones they sent me. So back they go and I will be getting back a size 9 regular shoe!!!

Unbelievable eh? Well it is true! SO Ode' to the 9.5 double wide shoe, I need you no more. Run free and wild as you see fit..bla bla bla...LOL :D Tomorrow is weigh in...I'll be back then!!


Lesia said...

You crack me up...yes when you lose weight you lose it EVERYWHERE! Congrats on a new smaller shoe size but boo hoo on not having them NOW! See you tomorrow!smile.

Petra said...

Hey Cinderella!

I gave you an award on my blog. Maybe you can dance by to collect it. ;-)

Have a lovely day shoe shopping!


John said...

So do I need to cancel the order I had in for that nice pair of pumps I wanted?
Golly, can't win for nothing. : p

Christy said...

I lost a shoe size too. At first I was bummed cuz I have really cute shoes in my closet that got too big but then I realize that means I get to shop for more shoes and the sadness quickly vanished.