Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My Post says there are 7 comments....I only see 5??? I have gone thru' all my settings and can't find anything to change it. HELLLLLP!!!

And now I can't pull up my comments at all!!! Geeez Loiuse!


karen said...

blogger does that to me sometimes, too, with comments. Hopefully it'll be back to normal for you soon!!!

I found you thanks to Sam ... she's right ... you ARE funny! Can't wait to get to know you better :)

Quay said...

Oh Thanks so much Karen I feel so much better!! I would surely die without my blogging fix! :D Thanks again! *hugs*

Lesia said...

Not sure why you are having this issue. Hope you get it fixed soon. I would hate to think I have left a comment and you NEVER even got to read it...LOL

Sam said...

It happens to me too. It will say I only have 5 but when I read, there are actually like 6 or something like that. Then eventually the count just catches up. See ya tonight!