Thursday, May 6, 2010

Life in the Fat Lane!!

Ok all you fatties out know who you are??? I'm I the only one here feeling surely isn't "PHAT" so it must be FAT!!! When does a FAT person cross the road? When another FAT person says come on...they have donuts!!! Is BIG really beautiful?? And what the heck does PLUS SIZE really mean??? You add more money onto the price becuz' the blouse is made with 10 times the amount of fabric as a regular size blouse??? And just becuz' I'm FAT do I have to be jolly??? And FAT CITY means what, exactly??? OK....OK....

Now that I have sufficiently ripped on myself, let's move on. :D LOL I guess I thought if I said the word FAT enough I would see FAT differently. I guess what I am trying to say, is I am FAT...I no longer want to be FAT, I would LOVE to be THIN. And why would I LOVE to be THIN??? Which brings me to my reason for blogging tonight. WHY, am I really going to Weight Watchers? I thought I had a reason, you know the standard answer..."To Be Thin" :D SO, after having a ginormous weight gain this last week. I thought maybe it is time to put my reason(s) down as to why am I really going to Weight Watchers every Thursday night. Something tangible to remind myself every day if necessary. So here goes....

1. To be thin (come on you knew that had to be the first answer) hehe
2. To get the weight off my knees, so I can avoid knee surgery.
3. To be able to walk more than a few feet at a time.
4. To help or get rid of my inhalers. To breathe better.
5. To manage my diabetes better.
6. To live out the rest of my grandma days healthier than I am now.
7. To see my grand-kids grow and have families of their own.
8. To avoid a heart attack.
9. To out live all my friends!!
10. To look like a million dollar grandmother! Wooo Hooo :D LOL

And by million dollar I mean a butt load of clothes...real clothes, not that PLUS stuff!! Shoes and purses to match, and accessories galore!! Ladies you know what am talking about don't ya? *smirk* Ok, I have to say after defining my reasons, it has made me feel better. I came home feeling pretty defeated. And now after this list I am feeling a might better!! hehe SO let's celebrate!!!

So in my world of thin-dum not (chub-dum) I promise to myself I will do everything within my power to be that thin positive person now, who is happy, looks put together and is perky and pleasant!! That person who's girls are up where they should be, even if I have to stuff my bra!!! Bwhahahahaha Sorry I couldn't resist! But seriously be the THIN person I am inside, so it shows on the outside!!!! See you all next week, as a whole new me!!! I will have before and after pic's on my next entry!!! hehe


julielopez3 said...

Those are great reasons to get healthy. I know you will do it and you will be looking mighty FINE in your Thin clothes. I will see you next Thursday saggy-butt and all! LOL
Oh one day I dream of having my girls where they should be. haha :)

Sam said...

You're already a million dollar grandma, I'm sure of it!! It's great to focus on you why! Post it in your house and read it aloud each day, it will make a difference in staying focused on it. Good job girl!! :)