Thursday, May 13, 2010

Livin' on Love!

Well I am not really livin' on Love, but I might as well!! LOL This week has been crazy buzy. And I have been grab and go, or don't eat at all! :(

My hubby went into the hospital Wednesday to have a defibrillator placed in his weak but still breathin' body! Poor guy. And today my schedule is just as crazy. Bring hubby home, go see my doctor, go to WW and then go to my mom's and take her to the store. Gripe Gripe Gripe Right????

NOOOOOOOOOOOO I have good news!!!! 6 years ago my daughter got married and bought me a red dress to wear at her wedding. I was to fat to fit into it! But I have kept it waiting to get down enuff' to fit into it......And yep you guessed it, I fit into to it!! Have I said I fit into it enuff'! LOL Yahoooooooo Yippy Yehaw!!!!

So here I am!! Ta Da!!!

OK I will be back to post my WW weigh in!! Ciao Ladies...and Lyle!! hehe


Lesia said...

And you look FABULOUS in it too!

Christy said...

You look great!!!

Sam said...

You are one HOT (grand)mama! Whew!!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new hair cut!!!!

julielopez3 said...

Quay! You look AWSOME! You look great in red, and I LOVE the new hair cut!

Quay said...

Thanks you guys!! Your the best!

Beverly said...

Loving the short hair and you rocking the red dress! You go girl!!!!