Thursday, May 27, 2010

Me Exercise?

Ok...I am stuck in a hole. I am bouncing back and forth! You no, where you seem to stay in a range....oh crap what the heck....I am stuck between 270's and 269. After listening to today's meeting, I realized I have to really start exercising. I mean get serious. Stop making excuse's. In other words get up off my FAT arss and move which = sweating. I HAVE TO SWEAT!!! I can't do it, I really can't!! Actually I can I just don't want too. LOL

So, I told my BFF (since jr. high) that I had to get up and go! And I don't mean the bathroom!! So she suggested we do it together. She also said she needed to lose weight too! REALLY??? She is as thin as she was in Jr. High!! She'll say she isn't, but she is!! LOL Anyway we are going to swim, bike ride and do water aerobics! I want to go to the water aerobics class that has little old ladies and fellow fatties! No thin people that think they are FAT! Come on you secretly know what I'm talking about. LOL Soooooo People, here is my commitment "I swear to you I will do good all week, track my points, exercise (and sweat) and I WILL stay off my scale!! That darn thing plays mind games with ya! I do so much better when I make commitments here! I would hate to disappoint all my followers! LOL *holds hand up* I promise to follow the plan all week!! Their ya have it!

Oh BTW, I lost 1.8 pounds this time around. And I am now 269.4!! WOoo HOoo My hubby said I am really looking thinner. That made me feel so good tonight! So in the famous words of the lead singer in Aerosmith (Steven Tyler) "Goodnight people and don't forget to wear a rubber!!!!"


MommaSaid said...

Where would the world be without Steven Tyler?!

Bitchcakes just wrote a fantastic blog about exercising. It motivated me to let my little son become my personal trainer, "Chase me, Mommy! Run! Run!...Make the stroller go faster; there's a shady spot!"

Coming from a gal (me) who used to live at the gym three hours a day, exercise can be hard and annoying but it can also be oh so much fun and incredibly rewarding!

Here's to you!

karen said...

Way to go on the loss AND the commitment to sweat! I know it can be a total bitch to get going with it ... but once you do it can become kinda addicting!

Lesia said...

loved the meeting too. Hey if I can do, you can do it. I also put my scales away this morning and I didn't get on it first either. THIS will be a big anxiety for me this week but I AM GOING to do it!

julielopez3 said...

Hey let me know if you find a place to do Water Areobics.. I would love to do that but would need to be in the evenings. But oh I need to buy a new suit!
I hope you have a great week sweating! I am scale free now for 8 days (well other then the WW scale)
And I don't need rubbers anymore they crib has been removed.. now just a playpen!