Saturday, May 29, 2010

Awwww the Holiday!

Tell ya our meeting last Thursday they talked about the big weekend.  And how to handle all the bbq's and salads and stuff.  The good ol' fattening stuff.  Well I'll tell you this has been the best weekend so far to date!!  We decided not to party this weekend, and I'll tell ya I have been so relaxed.  Usually my family gets together and we party til' the cows come home.  And guess who does all the prep work and cooking?  Yep me and my MomCan you believe it?? Of course you can, you probably do the same thing.  So this weekend I am cleaning and relaxing, and maybe some yard work. I just don't know.  :D  

I think staying away from the goodies is going to be a piece of cake...ooops a piece of WW carrot snack cake! (2 points) LOL  3 cheers for relaxing...hip hip hooray! etc. etc. :D LOL  Have a bowl of potato salad for me people!!  


Lesia said...

Yep there will be no bbq over here either. I will be sitting in the sun if it EVER decides to come out. Enjoy sweetie!

karen said...

As I was getting ready to leave the house tonight for my lovely 11pm-7am shift my dear Tom said "Oh, so we'll head over tomorrow around 2ish?"


The Family Picnic

Previously, of course, unmentioned ... but I know his sister well enough by now to have already guessed that it was going to happen so this afternoon I made a light gluten-free pasta salad for me & the munchkin. You know, just in case.

Wish I was there with you relaxing!