Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Ok, so I exercised a little this week.  No excuse's just was to embarrassed to do them. We live in a tiny little apartment and the only place to exercise is in the living room. And from there my son can see me blob about! :D That being said, I did manage to go for 2 walks and do some squats before I rolled over and died! :D  And I had to get on the scales...I just had too! I think I am obsessed with making sure I haven't gained a ton of weight.  Sounds weird I know.  But it keeps me in check.  Ok so I have updated you all on my exercise, and I probably should be wearing the cone of shame right about now!!! : /  LOL

SO another update is I am going to start water aerobics  after the 15th.  I have to wait until payday to be able to budget the money in for the classes.  And I am still to FAT to wear my new suit. :(  SO I have to wear my old one (which still looks good, BTW) But it is to large. SO I will bag and sag at water aerobics for a while until I get down to a size 20.  I have one more dress size to get there.  SO I figure the water aerobics should get me there pretty quickly! Don't you think so? :D   Ya I do too!

Now one more day until weigh in...I have done really good with the plan and I haven't cheated or over indulged in anything.  It helps to have not gone grocery shopping yet!! Bwahahaha  No really it helps! LOL :D  SO my scale weighs 2 pounds less than weight watchers so if my calculations are correct I should have lost 4-5 pounds.  Wooooohoooooo I guess I better not jump the gun...forget I said wooohooo LOL   SO until tomorrow night...hang tight and don't eat a bite! 


Then I Got Fat said...

Congrats on the exercise you did do. :) I also live in an apartment and the living room is the only room to work out.

I think I'm going to try the Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds DVD again. I used it years ago and it's great for rainy days or days when you don't want to drag your butt to the gym.

Lesia said...

That WILL be so exciting if the scales are right. You are so deserving of a big loss. My scales lie to me so I have learned NOT to trust them anymore. Just at home but not comparing them to Thursday night anyways. Good luck see you there!