Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Packing it up!

How does one pack up there belongings?? I do mine all in U-haul boxes. Nice and neat! Everything goes in a box. I want no stragglers left behind. And if I have put ever thing in a box there will be no stragglers...right???

Ok...so I have boxed up my scale, I have no idea if I have lost and if I have, how much. And I cannot remember what box it is in. SO just for fun, let's see if I lose anything from the time of this post till I find it. I last weighed my self over a week ago. And I was 256. I know I know...getting chubby again! lol I got down to the 251 during my surgery and recovery. It was the first time I was 251 in over 12 years. It looked good!! I just want you all to know I am still motivated and have been staying away from boredom eating (which BTW is my aquiles heel) Since we have been painting and boxing, all I do is hurt so I haven't wanted to do much but sleep, or work harder to get things done. SO I guess what I am saying is....eating bad, working good! lol

So, keep watching and see if I have lost anything....Now I am off to work some more...TTYL friends!
Ps... Pic is from a luncheon we had with some of our old high school buddies!! I was so glad that I could go! If this had been 3 years ago, I wouldn't have gone. To fat! Life is so much better these days!


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Good luck finding the scales. I love your hair in that picture. You look so pretty. smile.