Monday, April 4, 2011


First of all I have gained 15 pounds back!! Waaaaaaaaaaaa! I don't know how I did it, I just did!! Wait that isn't true....I did it one bite at a time. One bite of cheesecake, then another and another. Then candy and cheetos, dinner out, birthday party cake, ice cream, cookies, extra helpings of dinner, lunch and breakfast.  OMG!!

Sooooooo let's talk eh?  Have you ever reached a point where you are starting to feel pretty damn good. I mean, your feeling rather sexy and hot! hehe "I'm doing really good on this plan." I haven't lost but I haven't gained. SO deep in the sick helpless brain a fat person has, you tell yourself I can have 1 donut, and then 2, then 3 and then before you know it I have eaten the entire bag of Hostess mini chocolate donuts. Mmmmmm SO yummy!!  What?? Am I sick in the head??? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I am!  I can't stop! I don't know how it happens it just does. I go into a drunken stupor and eat until I need an entire bottle of tums!!   GOD help me!!

Have ya ever been there? And if so what did ya do to break the spell of "I'm a fat pig again" lol  Oh and BTW I found that scale. That's how I know I have gained 15 pounds back. :D  Bla!

SO my peeps....I am at a loss. A loss of courage and a loss of power!  Food has crept back into my brain the way it was when I weighed 326.  It's an addiction thing.  SO if you have any suggestions? Please lay them on me...and FAST...I am turning into a huge barge!! hehehe

Below is me in one of my drunken cake stupors!! And check out those boobs...are they hanging or what? Sick!! I need a new bra! Yes folks I do have a bra on, and the bottom of my shirt has some grandkid spillage of sorts so please don't think I fell over laughing in my state of cake drunkenness and soiled myself!! hehehehe

What a dork I am here...hehehe Luv' ya all!

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senora_x said...

Hey Quay! I totally know what you are talking about! that is me and my yo yo dieting! Once I lose that focus it is all downhill! So if you figure out the secret let me in on it too! I just joined weight watchers and lost 8 lbs last week! Glad to see the scale budge again! Hope I can keep it going.