Monday, April 11, 2011

Yippeeee, Yahoooo and Yowza!!

Well guess what? I have lost 9 pounds!!!  Yep I climbed my big fat butt onto the creeepy ol' scale and "weighted" to see the numbers and lo' and behold I was 9 pounds down!!!

I could hardly believe it! I thought hell woman go to the store and shop to celebrate...hehe But then I remembered payday wasn't until the end of the week. hmmmm bummer! But NOT a bummer since some of the fat (I hope) has come from my bum!! hehe 

Soooooooo how did I get back on track? I had to let my acid reflux pills lapse becuz' of our crappy insurance, and I started getting bloated and uncomfortable without them. Everything I ate was giving me heartburn and then the acid reflux at night. SO here is my big secret... wait for it.... I stopped eating the foods that were upsetting my stomach. Simple right? COULDN'T BE MORE WRONG!!  I loved the food I was eating, and lots of it too! hehe I had to stop eating snacks after dinner, late at night, in the middle of the day when I was bored.  By snacks I mean, cake, mini hostess donuts (whole bags of them) chocolate and so on.... you know all the things we crave and love.

Now, I am not saying this is a secret way to lose weight, but what I am saying is, it's working for me. It is forcing me to eat better and healthier becuz' I can't stand the pain! And consequently I am turned off by those yummy foods! hehe  And a bonus is I no longer need the pills which puts more money in my pocket! WIN WIN I say!! :D

So here is a funny story about one of my grand-daughters. Her name is Ivy and she is ADHD, she is extremely bright for her age (I bet all grandma's say that) hehe She has a nac of saying the right things at the right time that can make you bust a gut!  What happened was grandpa had her and our other grand-daughter, Quaylyn in the car, they stopped at a red light and on the corner was a man dressed up in a statue of liberty costume. Advertising a discount on their filing your taxes. The sign read "50% off" (then some bigger words she couldn't read) Now Ivy read those words as "$50 off"  Then she paused....and replied "What a Rip!!!" I swear I am busting up here as I write this..hehehehe  She never fails to put things in perspective!! hehe

Here is first Quaylyn, then Ivy... they both fill my cup to the brim daily!! (those are little aprons, not dresses, just sayin') hehe

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Petra said...

Aloha! Wow, what a fantastic loss. It always sounds so easy in theory, doesn´t it? :-)

The girls are gorgeous!