Thursday, June 3, 2010

Feeling Better, I Think!!

You people are so kind.  And I have read every suggestion and all your comments 3 times!! :D  First off let me say this, I am not giving up...but I am still feeling defeated.  I have been so fat for so long it is hard to not get excited and expect instant results. And I know each and everyone of you have been there.  SO I know I am in good company!! And second I have followed the plan today and not got on my scale.  :D

3rd-ly I am having issues with my asthma today so I won't be coming to meeting tonight. Also our vehicle is broken.  And hubby is still working on it.  OK enuff' of the reasons/excuses.... I think I have a new plan ready.  I am going to slow down, catch my breath, and move forward.  I keep telling my self the longer it takes me to lose the chub, my skin will shrink back on my body. Lord knows I do not want to look like a flying squirrel with flaps at my side. In this case jiggly, fat that waves on my arms.  And of course there is the chub around the middle.  My hubby said he sees a difference and I want to believe him! :D  Just so you all know I have a really hard time with believing what people say.  I have to really work at it!!  And I am REALLY working at it! LOL

SO this Thursday and next Thursday I will be MIA. This week is the truck and asthma, next week I have to give a Tupperware demo.  And yes I am a Tupperware Consultant!  OK all my fellow chubber's....I am moving forward.  And hanging onto all your comments for dear life!!

Sorry for such a serious entry!! :D


Sam said...

It takes a lot of guts to one, admit that you're struggling to yourself, and two to say it outloud (or on a blog). I'm really proud of Quay!!! We missed you tonight, you were thought of. I like the new plan and know you can do it!!

Lesia said...

I agree with Sam! And the flying squirrel comment made me laugh!!smile.

julielopez3 said...

Sorry to hear your asthma is bothering you. I missed you at WW tonight.